Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #11

Another Sunday, another Sunday Shitpost. It's the first post-football Sunday, and since baseball season is still two months away, the Sunday Shitpost is the only entertainment that I look forward to on Sundays.

News Story #1: Victoria is SM's real robot, takes on another drama

Victoria is a true robot, which makes sense, as it did seem impossible that a human could look as good as she does. Starting from the tail end of 2014, Victoria has filmed "My New Sassy Girl" (airs this year in theaters), "Beautiful Secret" (just finished airing), "My Best Friend's Wedding" (I think it's supposed to come out this year in China), participated in f(x)'s "4 Walls" comeback, and is currently filming "Ice Fantasy" in China.

News Story #2: Twice wishes us all a Happy Valentine's Day

tfw you want Momo to be your valentine, but then realize that she's only into girls.

News Story #3: Jung Chaeyeon (Produce 101) has her past photos revealed

I never really understood the obsession of pre-debut photos. 1) She isn't going to bear any of my kids, so it's not like I care if she's natural or not. 2) She's hot now, so I don't give a fuck what she looked like pre-debut.

News Story #4: Some guy thinks GD could make it in America


News Story #5: Yuri and Hyomin eat each other's cotton candy

There were heavily circulated rumors that Yuri was in a love triangle with Sohn Ye Jin and Han Ye Seul. Since netizens put so much stock into these rumors, they must be true! Therefore, it is confirmed that Yuri tongue-fucked Hyomin's pussy and asshole.

News Story #6: My album is doing well

Keep buying my album. The more I sell, the less I have to promote, which means more time for me to write for AKF!


  1. The time of the year post-football is always the hardest.

    1. This is why I'm glad one of my two busy seasons is from January through April. Though I lucked out this year, as I'll be working 40 hours a week for three months for my next assignment. Normal hours in public accounting ftw!

  2. I remember the Yuri love triangle rumor. I feel like it resurfaces every few years when news gets slow.

  3. That chicks nose disturbs me...

    1. Looking kinda weird in general, at least from that picture. I have no clue who it is.

    2. Before she had some features that actually would've made her stand out. Now she looks likes a slew of other idols that all asked for "The Natural."

      I think she's from Produce 101 which is that new survival show that's probably rigged like most other survival shows.

  4. Chaeyeon was pretty pre-surgery too. Oh well, at least the comments are positive, and people want to know her plastic surgeon's number. I suspect it's the same guy who did Hyomin's nose job.

  5. Victoria also managed to attend f(x)'s 1st ever 3-days concert!!! And yeah she is a true iron lady. I am glad her career is flourishing the most among all SM female idols, she deserves it.

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