Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[MV Review] Rainbow - Whoo

Rainbow is alive and actually made a comeback. The real question is whether or not DSP will actually try to promote Rainbow now that Kara is gone and April is a garbage-tier group so far.

This time, Rainbow goes with the safe, yet strong "Whoo." For some reason, Koreans thought "Black Swan" was terrible. Maybe Kim Jong Un actually has tested a nuclear bomb underground, and some of the nuclear radiation escaped the ground into South Korean air, causing Koreans to have shit taste in music. That makes sense to me, so let's roll with it!

The strong point of this song is that it keeps its fast-paced rhythm throughout the song, except for that three-second bridge near the end of the song. Even during that bridge, the song didn't slow down that much. It doesn't hurt that the song is lead by a guitar instrumental, as that makes the song more listenable for me.

However, the song lacks a strong chorus, which keeps this song from being great. As it is, it's still very good in my books. Will this song help Rainbow out? Who the hell knows at this point. For a group who has released songs such as "A", "Mach", "To Me", "Sweet Dream", and "Black Swan", you would figure Rainbow would be doing very well.

As for the MV, it's hard to actually comment on MVs that just focus on the members dancing. It's hard to say anything except for: they're hot.

Blonde Woori is life, though.



  1. I was hungover when I watched this clustrefuck of colours for the first time, which only made harbor further resentment for Degipedi's shitty editing.
    Otherwise It's really good. If Rainbow does disband then at least they went out on a high note

  2. How to ruin extremely hot girls:
    1) Give them really weird looking contacts.
    You're done!

    Song's ok, but a strong chorous is definitely missing.

    I'll wait for the Hyunyoung, Woori and Jaekyung fancams.

  3. Definitely missing a strong chorus but its hard to not think of Rainbow as a lost cause when DSP clearly already feels that way.

  4. The rest of the mini was better than the title track for the most part. Esp "Click!".

    1. Yeah I listened to one other song and it was wayyy better, give the mini a chance people

  5. It's ... fine. But nothing much else.

  6. I like this song a lot.
    I've come to accept the fact that Rainbow will always have better B-sides thought. (With the exception of the"Black Swan" mini) their first full length album part 1 and part 2 was great and now this mini is great. Solid from start to finish. At this point I think Rainbow MIGHT be up there wit f(x) in terms of consistent albums.

    1. Agreed. The only other group that comes close to the "consistent albums but no fans or number one spots to show for it" is Nine Muses. imho, of course.


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