Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Ultimate K-pop Music Awards Show 2015: Nominees List

Will CL be anywhere in this article? Probably. And I'm sure you all know where. Nonetheless, this is a cool fucking picture of her and you should admit it.

It's been a minute but the results of the survey are finally in. Will your favorite idols be in the nominees list this time? Keep reading to find out who made it to the second round of UKMAS.

Best Song

1. Stellar - "Vibrato"

2. 4Minute - "Crazy"

3. Gfriend - "Me Gustas Tu"

4. Nine Muses - "Hurt Locker"

5. F(x) - "4 Walls"

6. Red Velvet - "Dumb Dumb"

7. Oh My Girl - "Closer"

Wow not even one male act made it here. AKF readers will forever be unimpressed with male idols, considering the amount of people that answered "who gives a shit" for the Best Dance - Male category.

Best Music Video

1. IU - "Twenty-three"

2. Red Velvet - "Dumb Dumb"

3. BTS - "I Need U"

4. Wonder Girls - "I Feel You"

5. BTS - "Run"

6. Stellar - "Vibrato"

7. F(x) - "4 Walls"

Best Album

1. F(x) - "4 Walls"

2. Red Velvet - "The Red"

3. BTS - "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" (Part one and two are considered the same album)

4. Wonder Girls - "Reboot"

5. EXO - Exodus

6. IU - "Chat-Shire"

7. Twice - "The Story Begins"

Best Dance (Male)

1. EXO - "Call Me Baby"

2. GOT7 - "If You Do"

3. BTS - "Dope"

4. Infinite - "Bad"

5. SHINee- "View"

6. SHINee - "Married to the Music"

7. Seventeen - "Mansae"

Best Dance (Female)

1. Gfriend - "Me Gustas Tu"

2. Gain - "Paradise Lost"

3. Red Velvet - "Dumb Dumb"

4. 4Minute - "Crazy"

5. Nine Muses - "Hurt Locker"

6. Twice - "Like OOH-AHH"

7. F(x) - 4 Walls

Worst Song

1. CL - "Hello Bitches" (Surprise surprise)

2. Big Bang - "Bang Bang Bang"

3. EXID - "Hot Pink"

4. iKON - "Rythm Ta"

5. Girls' Generation - "Lion Heart"

6. Girls' Day - "Ring My Bell"

7. Girls' Generation - "Party"

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  1. why is everyone hating on hot pink so much? it's basically the same as 'up and down' and 'ah yeah', and lion heart is one of the more decent songs snsd released since forever

    1. "It's basically the same as 'up and down' and 'ah yeah'". There's your answer I think

    2. It's a much worse version of Up and Down.

  2. There's very little I like on all of these lists.

  3. I really want to like male groups but they just suck I can't help it

  4. Ring My Bell is kind of okay, just very repetitive.

  5. This list looks really similar to what I put down. Cool to see that I'm not in the minority at AKF, where we can all agree that "Bang Bang Bang" and "Party" are awful songs.

    1. I loved that song for about 57 seconds. After chorus even sweet Daesung couldn't save this for me.

    2. Also, loved Bae Bae- as a song and as video. Pity BB didin't make into any more, ahem- famous categories.

  6. I will give it to CL that pic is pretty cool however that wont exclude the damaging "Hello Bitches" from her discography.

  7. SNSD songs were so damn basic. And thank you for acknowleding how good of a song Vibrato was. I love Nine Muses since their debut, and they used to release really good hits, but Heart Locker was a very boring song, although the MV was nice

  8. is it to late to nominate turbo for beat dance ever? Lol

  9. >Hot Pink as one of the worst songs
    You're all on my shit list.

  10. I sometimes worry that not accepting the incredibly safe Lionheart as a form of peace offering will result in a far shitter song from SNSD down the track as revenge.

  11. Rhythm ta was hands down the worst song of the year

  12. there isn't a single entry for Ace of Angels that I can vote for??

  13. It was tough to pick the worst song of the year. Wish I could vote for Rhythm Ta, Lion Heart and Hello Bitches.

  14. I'm horrified at the lack of Rainbow


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