Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #10

It's time for another round of shitposting. Kris, pictured above, proves that just about anyone can become an idol.

News Story #1: People still care about Kris

Without SM's awesome makeup team, it looks like Kris is trying his best to join a Mexican gang in LA.

News Story #2: GFriend swept the music shows this week

I honestly expected GFriend to never accomplish anything. In hindsight, it looks like Shinbi made the right choice in leaving AKF to pursue a music career. 

If you haven't listened to the 2x version yet, make sure to do so. The sped-up instrumental makes the song much better, though the original is pretty good itself.

If Hyunyoung's picture alone isn't enough to get you excited for Rainbow's comeback, well, I have two words for you:


News Story #4: Some former members of A-JAX escape DSP's dungeon

I salute those brave soldiers who suffered so much. I would feel bad about the new guys who joined the group, but they made this choice knowing how shit DSP is as a company.

News Story #5: Hyomin teaming up with Ryan Jhun for comeback

UCAAD created Red Velvet's "Dumb Dumb," so I am excited for the song...if I remember that it even comes out. These days, I usually don't find out a song has come out until it's a week old. Oh well, I just Hyomin looks hot in the MV (that shouldn't be too hard, but you know the "artistic" types who have to try to make themselves look outrageously retarded.)

News Story #6: I found two new waifus through the dramas I'm watching

Credit: aitoda

Credit: aitoda
First one is Fukada Kyoko, who is in the currently airing J-drama "Please Love The Useless Me" (Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai). She's hot, I'd pee in her butt. etc. etc.

The other one is Ivy Shao, who played Victoria's younger sister in the C-drama "Beautiful Secret" that aired last month and she's in the currently airing TW-drama "Back to 1989".


  1. A Hyomin comeback is always worthwhile.

  2. I got something from that picture: Hyunyoung is taller than you!

  3. I'm ashamed for sleeping on GFriend for so long. I thought "Glass Bead" was boring the first time I heard it, but now all three of their title tracks are growing on me, and I gotta admit that the "Rough" instrumental is fantastic.

  4. Way to play with your readers' emotion. After nearly puking and tottaly baffled at the first picture, things got better and better. Of course the best is the last one. Brb researching Ivy Shao for science.

    1. Here's Ivy's Facebook page.

      You know, for science.

  5. Where were you? Why only discovered Fukakyon now?
    watch Roommate movie where she plays lesbian thingy with Keiko kitagawa

  6. I thought it's gonna be a fucking whole article about my husband. hahaha lol.

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