Friday, February 5, 2016

Kiritani Mirei in a Final Fantasy CM

If Mirei was a Final Fantasy character, she would definitely have to be a White Mage. I would be a Black Mage and would cast which a huge blizzard of semen would shoot out of my penis onto her face. I would then need Mirei to cast Revive and Curaga on my penis.


  1. I was just watching the recent yearly Gaki no tsukai batsu game (if you don't know this, you really should catch up on it!) and discovered Harikita Maki, who is extremely pretty:

    I have nothing else to add to the topic at hand!

    1. I've been stanning Horkita Maki since 2009. She got married all of a sudden last year, but she's still my #2 Japanese waifu.


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