Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekly Showdown: Teen Top VS. Mature Top

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Okay I feel the need to express how I feel about the new concept Teen Top is going for and I thought I'd ask you guys for your opinions while I was at it. Teen Top is one of my favorite boy groups in K-pop. Or rather, was, because this new 'Mature Top' can seriously go fuck themselves for all I care. I get that they're growing up and shit but at least they used to have this really distinctive "Teen Top" sound to them before. Now they sound just like at least a hundred other boy groups out there. The only thing remotely reminiscent of their older days is "Ah-Ah" but that song is weak as fuck. "Warning Sign" and "I'm Sorry" were alright (albeit the latter was an R&B snoozefest that quickly got boring), but "Missing" and Niel's "Lovekiller" were a fucking yawn. And I just don't hear that signature sound of theirs anymore ever since this new "Mature Top" era started with "Missing". Gone is the Teen Top that used to make catchy and addictive music. Whatever happened to the "Crab Man", "Crazy", "Miss Right", "Be Ma Girl", "Supa Luv" (in all its auto-tuned glory) days?

I get that they're trying to grow and mature musically, and that's fine really, but they should do that while still sticking to their original sound and maintaining their individuality. Maybe they could have done something like "To You", one of their more mature concepts yet their catchiest song as of yet (and my favorite). "Warning Sign" just sounds a lot like something Boyfriend or their labelmate 100% (P.S. if anyone knows their whereabouts, please contact me) would do.

Anyway, that's my take on it. What do you guys think of the new Teen Top? Do you actually like their music or do you prefer their older songs? And what do you think will be the future of this group? Because I don't know about you, but it's hard for me to imagine them in a few years when they're all thirty and they're still called "Teen Top".

"Teen Top" or "Mature Top"?

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  1. I don't know a lot about Teen Top other than they have some pretty fug members and that Miss Right is perhaps the most irritating k-pop song of all time

    1. Supa luv is eaven worse. I don't know why we discuss shitty bands like this.

  2. I like supa luv even if no one else does cause that song is kpop gold. And the dance is funny.

  3. I always thought Teen Top sucked. I don't listen to them.

  4. I really only care about l.joe's face so what they do doesn't really matter to me.

  5. Liking Teen Top is like liking Chris Brown. Sure, his music may be dope, but clearly wasn't feeling it.

    No seriously, have you seen the shit Teen Top have said? Watch this:

  6. I thoroughly agree, Teen Top were my #3 boy group and I even saw them in concert before they started with this new "mature" crap. I even own a few of their albums, but unless they go back to their older and much better music (hell I'd take more Brave Sound music) I am not gonna buy any more. But Ricky is still my child and I will love him anyways.

  7. Not a huge fan of Teen Top, but what ever happened to 100%? I liked their songs and they haven't released anything in 2 years.


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