Friday, June 3, 2016

[MV Review] AOA - Ai wo Choudai

This is really weird for me. It's a mixture of what I listened to as a high schooler and now what I listen to as an adult. I used to listen to T.M. Revolution a lot ten years ago, and even when he started his rock band Abingdon boys school. T.M. Revolution usually has songs with a fast beat, so I had good faith going into the song that it wouldn't suck gigantic tentacle penis.

The song is good, but it has a Jekyll and Hyde problem. Some of the verses of the really, really bland and the bridge is unremarkable, However, the other half of the verses and the chorus are backed by a really strong instrumental. It's just a little jarring to have the song go from boring to pumping several times.

Another positive is that this collaboration actually worked. T.M. Revolution blended well into the song and didn't draw too much spotlight from the girls. Even he knows people are watching the MV and live performances for AOA.

This is a good start for AOA in Japan when it comes to original songs. Given how barren landscape for good pop producers in Japan, we probably can't ask for much more than this. 


  1. Yasutaka Nakata produced a lot of great stuff.
    So did Tsunku back in the day.

    Other than that, I only know video game/movie composers/producers from Japan.

  2. I like AOA, they'd probably be in my top 5 favourite girl groups but T.M. Revolution is a literal Jpop god with a voice from the heavens. AOA can't hold a candle to him.

    The song itself is good, the AOA only dance version even sounds decent

    But then you go and listen to the original release and realise how much extra oomph T.M. Revolution adds to the song. My favourite parts were whenever he opened his mouth and I'd honestly rather he sang the whole song and AOA just acted as hot back up dancers.

    Also blonde long hair Yuna is hottest Yuna.

  3. This along with one of their other latest Japanese release are surprisingly good, I forgot the name of the other song.


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