Monday, June 20, 2016

The Hateful Eight's Kid Leader to Make a Solo Comeback

Thank God. As long as it's not an SNSD comeback, I am good. I'd even take a Hyoyeon solo featuring Amber over an SNSD song these days.

(I'm really busy this week, so this week will be shitpost week. I have to work until midnight tonight.)


  1. I can't wait for more pics of the road hooker outfit I saw in some shots.

  2. You'll kind of get your wish Tay Hyo are dropping a dance track with strong brass and featuring Hyo's distictive rapping. Could be the perfect storm kpop song vocal wanking over lamementable derivative safe dance beat rounded out by Hyoyeon's new found rapping prowess. If only Amber could appear with some swaggish behaviour it would be both great and fucking horrible at the same time.

    1. Why would you ruin a Taeyeon MV with hyogre and manber?
      That's a terrible idea.

    2. Yep it's real SM are bringing u a hyo tae team up . The Mamber stuff is just wishful thinking as I hate half arsed fucked up stuff . I want a tragic train wreck so some Adrian level ruination will turn the merely tragic into the truly horrendous.

  3. Even their solo comebacks have been some boring ass shit, I legit have not liked a single song those 3 shat out.


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