Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Oppa's Fans Just Need Time To Heal!!!1111"

Kim Hyun Joongs ex was aquitted from all of her charges, proving even further that he's trash. While the comments on Netizenbuzz weren't even delusional in the least this time it's international fans on Soompi that served up a surprisingly stinking plate of stupidity.

This one particular stood out to me:

(I didn't blur the names in this one.)

"You're not UNDERSTANDING KHJ fans. This was VERY traumatic for them. They just need time is all!!!!!1111"

Look, I understand fans being in shock and all. And I might even understand where that comment is coming from...IF IT WERE MADE TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO.

The topic Kim Hyun Joong's abuse is absolutely nothing new. The shit dates back to 2014 and before. To excuse their behavior with bullshit such as "It's hard on them because they supported him before his case." Is unacceptable. They've had two fucking years to "heal" from the "painful truth" that their oppa isn't perfect and is in fact, very far from it. If they still want to defend him and blame his ex for everything, then that shows their mental problems. Not the people who were able to actually see the forest for the trees.

This is fucking pathetic. I hate when people take something serious that has nothing to do with them, and then make it about themselves, like how Brock Turner's parents  wrote those embarrassing letters that exposed how disgustingly selfish they were, only this time it's with fans, "Yeah, yeah his ex is suffering but WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!?! I'm the one that has to live with the fact that someone I was a fan of might be a terrible person!!!"

Yes, finding out someone you admire is now a piece of shit is sad but you should never let your feelings tear down the person who was mostly affected by their actions nor should you let that warp your head into thinking that facts don't exist outside of what you think is right and wrong, because a lot of the time: you will be wrong.

In the end while that made be "hard" and "painful" it's nowhere near as "hard" as a rock hard fist and as "painful" as deep bruises left all over your body.

It's been two years, that's been more than enough time to "heal" or whatever.


  1. This whole shit started two years ago? Time surely flies.

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  3. Oh, I got a better one:

    When all of that Park Bathroom-Yoochun mess happened a month ago, I swear I saw a comment like "THEY DID THE SAME THING TO KHJ OPPA!!1! PEOPLE ARE SO JUDGEMENTAL!!1! THEY CAN'T SEE THAT KHJ IS AN INNOCENT YOUNG MAN WHO CARES ABOUT HIS FANS!! KHJ OPPA IS A SAINT!!!1!1"

    Sometimes I really wonder how pathetic his fans' lives must be.

  4. "Oppa didn't mean it".

  5. Execute all gaypop people.

  6. Dude, reading how they are trying to justify his actions made me have a headache. I don't know if they are really young and naive or just dumb and horny. Looking at her pictures made me sick to my stomach. Those fans are just terrible people.

  7. oppa was just too tired and stressed !!1!one!1!

  8. the fact that netizenbuzz (i still lol @ how they banned my primary disqus account for rebuking overly pc people's bullshit statements) is being rational about this is most surprising to me


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