Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Wonder Girls To Come Back With a 1970s Concept

Wonder Girls Yeeun

The Wonder Girl's went to the 1980s with "Reboot." Now it appears they're turning back the clock even farther to the 1970s with "Why So Lonely?"

Wonder Girls Are Psychedelic Beauties In New Member Teaser Images For Comeback

Wonder Girls Hyerim

Wonder Girls Sunmi

They all look amazing.

While K-pop isn't one to shy away from retro concepts at all, the charm of it is that each group has their own way of putting their own spin on it, thus making it refreshing. However if there are two groups that always ace retro concepts, it would have to be WG and T-ara. 

Many songs in K-pop that revolve around the 70s disco-funk era can be quite lukewarm, I feel the need to list some gems that I find quite enjoyable for this concept.

T-ara "Roly Poly"

No K-pop disco list would be complete without this.

Primary Feat. Lena Park - "Hello"

Very, very 70s.

Nine Muses - "Fiargo"

An upbeat funky number from one of K-pops best groups.

SHINee - "Married To The Music"

I raved about this previously. A+.

After School - "Heaven"

Most of AS's Japanese stuff is great, and this is no exception.

Park Ji Yoon - "Beep"

The concept is literally Soul Train. Can't get much more 70s than that.

It appears from WGs teasers than their spin on the 70s will be trippy and I'm all for that. Their music video for "I Feel You" was great and I feel like "Why So Lonely?" wont fall short of that.


  1. I love the WG, probably my favorite groups in kpop, and I feel like it's one of the few acts that has actually evolve

  2. i'm really looking forward to it, Reboot was amazing so I'd expect nothing less of them this time around!! Also yenny's collab with younha and cheetah was beast

  3. wow, Wonder Girls are doing a retro theme

    next up we'll see Super Junior do their ninth attempt at Sorry Sorry, T-ara to do a 20-minute MV and SNSD release a song that can only have been chosen by throwing darts at random swedish producers on a spinning wheel

    1. The amount of sarcasm in this comment is enough for me to jar it.

  4. Figaro and Roly Poly is the shit. I likey likey dis.


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