Wednesday, June 1, 2016

[MV Review] CLC - No Oh Oh

CLC is among the million girl groups making a comeback now. Am I complaining? Hell no. Summer is an awesome time for Kpop because of the large number of girl group comebacks.

"No Oh Oh" is a good song. It has a bit of pop and hiphop mixed in to make it a lively song. It does a good job of making the verses interesting to listen to with the whistles mixed in with the beat. Even the chorus is catchy enough without overdoing it on the "No no" parts.

The Kpop gods must have listened to me again, as the rap section was confined to one section near the end of the song. It took Kpop producers almost 20 years to realize that raps shouldn't be inserted into the song everywhere for a few seconds at a time.

The song does a lot well, but nothing outstanding to make it truly stand out among all of the songs that will come out this summer. However, it is an easy song to repeat (and I've been repeating it a lot), and it gives CLC something to work off of for future comebacks.

The girls (minus Sorn) look good, and the MV does a great job at limiting Sorn's screen time. I don't have a favorite member yet, but I am liking Elkie and Eunbin.

Eunbin is incredibly...

*hears whispers*

"Who is that?" I ask.

Mother fucker.


  1. I knew Eunbin was too good to be true. This is their best song since Pepe and I really appreciate the 7 member line up. I doubt they'll stand up against everyone else but I hope this song does well enough that Cube doesn't fuck shit up again.

  2. Song is good, but I liked Refresh mini a lot more as a whole. Rest of nu-clear sounds not up my alley, boring[to me], I can't seem to crack it up yet.

  3. Also I had NO idea they already were making a comeback, shows how big of a fan I am

  4. CLC are doomed, Cube doesn't have a clue.

  5. Pepe is a much better song, but eh this is okay I guess.

    The 'ani-ani-aniya' part is pretty catchy

  6. Doni & Coni would be proud.

  7. Remove that Thai roasted pig now and CLC are goood to go, easily one of the hottest gg out there.
    And holy fuck Junghwa

  8. Sorn's so fucking ugly it's insane.
    There's one that's somehow really hot, but I can't remember her name, and the rest are all same-facey to me.

  9. Sorn has potential to look ok if they stop giving her those soulless looking fucking circle lenses, she looks a bit like a slightly bloated selena gomez, proper styling could do her better

    but that's just my two cents

    1. IKR? She looked completely normal predebut with black hair, but now she just looks weird.


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