Saturday, April 7, 2012

"I don't understand Kim Tae Hee's popularity"

I thought the answer was obvious: she's fucking hot. There's an article on Dramabeans about Kim Tae Hee's drama comeback and I happened to see these comments. Naturally these kinds of comments sprout up all the time regardless of who it's about, but it's almost impossible to read a Kim Tae Hee article without seeing comments like that.

You just have to accept that you're in the minority when it comes to judging Kim Tae Hee's looks. It doesn't make you wrong because it's an opinion. Wondering why people think someone is hot and then trying to passively get people to agree with you isn't going to change the opinions of the majority.

For example, when this blog was still new and no one read it, David used to write a shitload of articles about how ugly G.NA is. It doesn't make his opinion right, and it certainly didn't stop some people from thinking she was hot, such as sullifag when he made this photoshop edit of G.NA (NSFW!).

In the end, more people than not think Kim Tae Hee is fucking hot. I'm one of those who thinks she's hot or else I wouldn't have made AKF's background of Kim Tae Hee sucking a popsicle. Enjoy some KTH CFs.


  1. From the Dramabean's article, she look like Kim Ha Neul in the second picture. Damn, the power of makeup.

    1. Because that IS Kim Ha Neul in the second picture.

  2. Lol its like you who deny how great bigbang is

    Feel the burn brah

    1. Still butthurt over the BB article?.. lol

    2. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

    3. I don't think you understand the difference between pointing out how an idol band just follows the trends in music and didn't change Asian pop music vs opinions on appearances. Oh well, I guess thinking is too hard for you.

    4. Lol change asian pop. Lmao such delusional vip.

      They are different, compared to IDOLS GROUPs
      Well thats just my opinion. But changing asian pop.. ;)

      I meant it like when ppl hav opposite opinion about ur bias

    5. But it's not the same. If you go and re-read the article you'll understand. If someone is popular, that means the majority thinks Kim Tae Hee is hot. The majority has an opinion. An opinion can't be right or wrong because it's an opinion.

      On the other hand, it is a fact that Big Bang didn't change Asian pop because there were YG groups doing the same thing 5-8 years before Big Bang even debuted. That's something people can prove and contest because that's dealing with facts. The sound Big Bang has has been done previously in Korea and Japan, so there's no way Big Bang could have changed Asian pop.

    6. Okay u win. I neva agree bb changed asian pop anyway.

      Fans are just being fans

      They are just happy they oppars are back after those scandals and controversy

      I saw ur comments that saying bb succesful only bcuz of they huge fandom

      Arent all idol group succesful bcuz of they have a huge fandom?

      And they ranking 1st on digital downloads and streaming

      With over 10540000 downloads this year(all songs )

      But their arent that good on physical
      Unlike suju. Shinee.snsd

      Im saying that the public likes their music

      Ppl that makes good music like for instance 2am. T-ara and bigbang does great at digital.

      U could degrade bb all you want. cuz apparently the public still buy they album

    7. Groups and artists are only successful with a big fandom. I'm assuming you're referencing the Big Bang article where they won the EMA Award. That was through fan manipulation. Some VIPs were voting 50,000+ times a day. How could this blog not make fun of that behavior? That's what we do.

      I'm/we're not saying it's wrong to be a fan of a group/artist. It's just that Kpop fangirls take shit overboard so often. They vote 50,000 times just so that oppa will win an award that most people don't care about. Fangirls make outrageous claims about their oppas and get mad when someone points out the absurdity of their remarks.

      For example, my two favorite girl groups in Kpop are Kara and T-ara(6-ara.) I don't go around saying that my favorite members in each group are the best, that these two groups are the best, etc. I just enjoy both groups and like my favorite members. But there are fans, especially in the T-ara fandom that get all pissy when you don't like their favorite member and then spend all of their time shitting over the other members. I found Jiyeon fans to be the worst about this, which is why a lot of the posts last April were about Jiyeon. They were made to piss Jiyeon fans off because they're so annoying for the most part.

      Also, see how I didn't mind that sapipa below said "HHJ > KTH"? If I was a rabid fangirl, I'd be attacking sapipa and shitting all over HHJ. That's what Kpop fangirls do and most normal Kpop fans don't like that kind of shit. Personally, I find KTH hotter than HHJ, but HHJ is still fucking hot, so it's fine for others to have different opinions.

    8. Hahaha.

      Wow 50,000

      Its amazing they self proclaim themselve as the lazy fandom

      Haha its kinda fun pissing off ppl in the same fandom aite?

  3. KTH is definitely a good-looking women, even with-out tons of make-up and those large choppers I still think she is really pretty.

    If popularity was based off of having actual talent all of those nerdy kids in school who could solve calculus equations in there heads would have been those ones who won "most popular" back in HS, but they didn't....the good looking kids did. People are attracted to good looking things, it's a proven fact, hence why KTH is popular.

  4. I still think Hyori is much hotter than KTH but I'm from Tha West so that may explain it.

    I asked my Korean Korean friend why KTH is so popular and he told me she fits the Korean standard of beauty exactly, not only does she have a "pure" image, she's well educated (Seoul Nation University) too which really boosts her image in the eyes of the public.

    I think many of us over here think that while she is pretty, she's kinda meh compared to some of the other hotties rolling around Korea.

  5. Whenever I see those 'most beautiful' rankings out of korea, KTH is usually the only one out of the top ten that I disagree with.

    I feel like this is an example of groupthink. Somehow KTH became really popular (some drama, I suppose...I don't watch them) and that managed to actually change the nation's perception of what is beautiful. It's like how the Harry Potter series made people think Emma Watson is a top beauty (obviously she is NOT).

    1. But the public could have easily decided she wasn't good-looking...It's like with Hyoyeon of SNSD, she is in the "national girl group" of Korea,and those SNSD girls are hailed as goddess and yet that does nothing to change people's image of how un-attractive she is...everyone still thinks that she is at the bottom of the barrel in terms of looks with or without SNSD. Yoona on the other hand got praise even before her drama was decidedly a "hit" and has been another front-runner as "ideal" Korean woman. I think people like Jessica's looks have been grossly overrated due to being in such a popular group, but that is just me.


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