Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[MV Review] 4Minute - Volume Up

PoMinitSlut 4Minute makes a long-awaited comeback with Volume Up, and yes, it is a positively fapulous cumback.

When I first heard that 4Minute was making a comeback with a "vampire" concept, I was filled with immediate revulsion, especially when I saw this teaser picture.

I was fearing an extremely cheesy MV with 4Minute dressed as either Count Chocula or worse, Twilight-esque sparklefags. Thankfully, the MV was nothing like that at all.

Volume Up's MV is your standard dance in a box with fancy closeups but being who they are, 4Minute keeps things enjoyable by throwing eye candy in your face like a fistful of Pixistix sugardust. As such, the MV is mostly sexysex closeups and writhing with a sprinkling of the actual choreography to let your poor sexual organs take a quick breather from fapping so much. Here's some of the more fapulous moments of the MV for your viewing pleasure:

There is plenty more girl on girl groping where this came from.

Dugeun dugeun fapdance.

Sexy vampiress coven on da prowl.

Bump and grind, seems legit.
Everyone looks good, but I'm not digging Hyuna's red hair very much. Nor Jiyoon's hair when it's all down and coconut-helmet on her head. Their costumes do look like they were trying to rock a lesbian gypsy look, but theirs is far better than SHINee's gay gypsy look. Apart from the ominious cold open, some red eyes, a coven teleporting in/out, and gothic architecture, the vampire concept doesn't really play much of a part here. Unless it's the excuse for 4Minute to be seductive and grind on males and females alike. There is more than a fair bit of familiar imagery though, not that I'm trying to incite a fanwar between YG stans and 4Nias or anything.

Sup Park Bom.
Sup TOP.
The song itself is very good. Prominent throughout the song are saxophone riffs that remind me of George Michael's Careless Whisper. It may not feel like much, but the combination sexy sax with electronic beats really makes this song stand out and feel a lot more exciting than it would have been without it. My favorite parts other than the saxophone bits are the bridges leading into the chorus. Hyuna's rapping on top of Gayoon's high notes and crescendoing backtrack gives me life, y'all.

Stay fabulous, bitches.

Sexy sex "vampire" MV for an excellent saxy sex song.

I give it a 4/5


  1. When I saw one of the teasers my mind automatically went to Careless Whisper. Honestly, if the saxophone riff wasn't in this song this would have been another of the many 4Minute songs I couldn't tolerate. Fortunately, there is.

  2. " My favorite parts other than the saxophone bits are the bridges leading into the chorus. Hyuna's rapping on top of Gayoon's high notes and crescendoing backtrack gives me life, y'all.
    -Glad i'm not the only one. I bitch about HyunAs voice alot but somehow the producer got it to work at that part. It makes me feel so badass when it comes up.

    o and, GIRLxGIRL action y'all!!!

  3. is that jiyoon looking so boss there in the last gif.

  4. Screw all of you guys complaining about Sohyun.

    too cute for 4minute my ass. She grew up nicely.

  5. hate this song :|

    I never liked phominute, but their gimmicky overproduced songs are great to work out to and Jiyoon's voice is boss so I listen to that shit often.
    This is that weird something-in-the-middle thing that isn't good to pump you up and is a horrible song when you try to enjoy is for the musicality.
    I would've liked the MV, too bad I'm straight :|

  6. Song was pretty good, but they all looked pretty hot (and that's saying a lot for 4 minute).

  7. Flawless they are.
    CUBE finally put alot of effort for a 4minute comeback...They even made the effort to pick a good hairstyle for Sohyun! :O
    HyunA and Gayoon though just made the MV 90% sexier~

  8. 4Minute copying 2NE1

    never would have thought of that.

  9. For once, Hyuna's voice doesn't ruin the song..

  10. i just have to say Gayoon looks so hot here, she's actually the reason why I continued watching the MV (the majority of the screentime belonged to Hyuna as usual)
    And the song is okay as much as I don't dig the Twilight concept.

  11. the saxophone tune reminds me of BSB's We've Got It Going On.

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  13. the sax bits reminded me of the epic sax man. didn't really care for hyunahs parts in the song. other than that, i liked it

  14. You can find similarities in all Cube Mvs ever produced with other groups anyway, it's not a suprise :/

    I really like the rap + gayoon high notes too, but live it sounded like shit.

  15. Seungri prank hyuna becuz of copying yg style

  16. Jiyoon's one sexy lady and Gayoon's and Jiyoon's notes......that's hot stuff.

  17. HyunAh thought she's sexy even though she's not after all! Look...her chest is really flat wtf!

  18. whore vampires are best

  19. I wanna see Hyuna's CELLULITE!


  20. Hyuna doesn't know how to lip-sync......biggest FAIL EVER!!!

  21. I fucking hated Hyuna's chipmunk-"rapping". Honestly it ruined Gayoon's long note for me. That aside, I liked the MV and song. Especially since Jiyoon looked so fucking sexy, imo.


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