Monday, April 23, 2012

[MV Review] Girl's Day - Oh! My God

When I wrote SISTAR's MV review asking for a girl group to get crunk at da club, I wasn't really expecting results. Girl's Day's latest comeback kinda sorta hits the spot but not in the way you'd expect.

Oh! My God's MV is surprisingly a pseudo-storyline MV with some dancy and close-up bits scattered in there for flavor. Despite how that may sound, Girl's Day pulls it off surprisingly well.

Beginning with a continuity nod to Twinkle Twinkle's storyline, Minah is dropped off at a library by what seems to be her dad. Who knows. Sorta like what any teenager would do to get out of the house, we quickly realize that the whole thing was a set up. Minah sheds her schoolgirl outfit and dons her funky fresh dancing outfit as the "library" is revealed to be a nightclub. The rest of the MV details her hijinks throughout the night as she goes in and challenges all the club's dance bosses. 

This pretty much sets the tone for the entire MV. And it is just as wacky as it looks.
Continuing their trend of lighthearted MVs, Girl's Day don't take themselves seriously with this MV at all. They don't exactly get crunk in da club, but the whole thing sure feels like an acid trip at times. Where other groups might seem lazy or sloppy, the girls pull it off with a combination of ridiculous aegyo and charm. Some of the zanier bits for your viewing pleasure:

Introducing the Blowjob dance,  fap dance ain't got shit.

Fatal attraction.

What is this I don't even

The dance for the song is just as weird as the MV.

Air guitar? Bunny hop?

Khunfused bunnies??
The entire MV is full of color and energy, so much so that it washed out most of my gifs. Anyways, the casual viewer might find the random sound effects to be annoying, but it was nothing too overwhelming in my opinion. The outfits are pretty weird, but everyone is styled well and looks good. 

No Sojin, you don't need to throw up this time.
The song itself is the aegyopop that Girl's Day has apparently adopted as their official sound, Nothing Lasts Forever be damned. It's a pretty catchy song, but nothing phenomenal in my opinion. The climax of the song features Minah's usual vocal runs, but they're not as crazy or prominent as the ones in previous releases. There's nothing really to bring this song down (except maybe the rather long portion reserved for a dance break), but at the same time there's nothing particularly stand out about the song to attract new fans of either the genre or the group. The instrumental is kinda nice for incorporating some old-school 8bit electro effects though. The MV is a different story however, it definitely did its job of selling the song to me. 

Appropriate metaphor: If this song was Minah, then I'd be
the Yura casually slinking over to it.
Wacky and bizarre schizoMV for a pretty decent Girl's Day-trademarked aegyopop song.

I would give it a 3.25 out of 5 for the song itself, but the MV bumps it up to a 3.75 for me. IT'S JUST SO FUCKING WACK I CAN'T HELP MYSELF


  1. I cant even comment on the was more like WTF instead of a OMG, its wacky and weird, and I like it.

  2. a lot of times I wish you'd listen to jpop and make fun pv reviews like this too

    1. I reviewed Amuro Namie's Naked and capsule's World of Fantasy. If you mean covering J-idols, fuck that shit.

    2. meh. i don't do j-idols either. where can i find those reviews?

  3. Sojin's dance moves looks familiar.Anybody knows where was it taken from,if it was.

  4. Their music videos are always really interesting, this was no exception. Well made, but the song sounds terrible live.

  5. Sojin and Hyeri look like they give the best oral.

  6. Looking glamorous while throwing up is an art, and I have to say that Sojin has not mastered it yet.

    On a more musical note, it looks like a poor attempt at aping a 2NE1 video. So much so the medium ends up being the message: what could potentially have been a pretty decent (by today's standards) K-pop song is partly ruined by an incomprehensible video.

    Blowjob dance, I...

  7. I love Girls Day stance on looking like fucking idiots, for the sake of being fucking idiots, its funny and it works for them. Kpop has so many repeated concepts with just a fresh coat of paint, and seldom does something new pop up. I hope girls day keeps being retarded, because they are a fresh burst of "the fuck?" that we all need from time to time.

    1. I could not agree more. They need more WTF in KPOP.

  8. two of the members sound like Stellar's leader live and the dance break reminds me of the one from CHICHI but they still pull it off very well. I could see them becoming famous in Japan because of their eccentricity and they show skin without second thoughts.

    But kyary will always be wackier.

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  11. The Blowjob dance iz the shit.

  12. I loved the Mv, it's, as you said, wack and crazy. I like it.
    But the song ... meeh.


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