Friday, April 20, 2012

Question of the Week 40

This week's question comes from PainterSpirit:
Which idols currently in a boy/girl group do you think would have the most success as a solo act? Conversely, which idols do you think would have the least success as a solo act/fade into obscurity?

... I would have really liked Janghyun (Sunny Hill) [<3] and Kahi (After School) to have succeeded as soloists.

As for those who would never make it as a soloist: half of T-ara and After School. Pretty much most groups with 5 or more people will have half become irrelevant if they ever tried to make it on their own. At least, that is what I think.

Thank you for your suggestion for this week.

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  1. Im not a sone. But i would like taeyeon to go solo. She could be successful as the bb boys as a soloist



  3. Yoona. cause bitch is untalendet but has the "ideal" korean looks. she could be huge as an solo artist in ROK

  4. Only a handful....Who I think will stand the test of "the transition:"
    -Yoona(could go solo now and be better off)
    -Taeyeon(In another year she should cut ties with SNSD)
    -Goo Hara(needs one more acting job or two more solo endorsement deals)
    -Park Gyuri*(could go solo now and be better off)
    -Seungyeon*(In another two or three years, she should cut ties with KARA)
    -Suzy(needs a more serious acting job, more solo endorsement deals)
    -Yuri*(In another year or two, she should cut ties with SNSD)
    -Uee*(could go solo now and be better off)

    I stared UEE cause she is basically and actress now anyway. Yuri is starred cause her popularity
    peaks and wanes, sometimes she is all you hear about and other times she disappears back into
    the TaeYoona shadow. Seungyeon got a star cause I don't know if she wants to stay "famous." She gets fans very easily and is very popular so I hope she doesn't waste her popularity but she seems really

    I'm sure not everyone thinks of Park Gyuri but I think Gyuri is very marketable outside of KARA and
    she is the KARA member with the most solo work. She also attracts a more mature fan, so I think she
    won't have a problem getting popular with the ballad/K-drama crowd. Gyuri is also less dependent on the KARA name as Goo Hara and Seungyeon. Gyuri doesn't have alot of KARA fans, she has alot of Gyuri fans. Most Kara fans are Hara/Seungyeon fans, Gyuri's fans are her own they just happen to support KARA also.

  5. Big Bang's Seungri, Daesung and Taeyang all have pretty good chances at successful solo careers.

    GD has a promising future but as a producer not an artist. Contrary to popular belief that boy can't sing or rap a lick and his voice is annoying.

    TOP could be successful as an actor. He has the right look and he's steadily improving. That kigga can't rap for shit so he should leave rap behind when BB disband.

    2NE1's CL, unlike her male counterpart GD, has a pretty decent flow and a good singing voice. She also has lots of charisma and stage presence. She might not be the most attractive person but hey neither is Lady GaGa.

    Other people with a good shot at solo success: B2ST's Yoseob, 2AM's Seulong, Mblaq's Joon and GO, SHINee's Jonghyun, 4Minute's HyunA,

    All of SNSD will fade into obscurity. They are all boring as fuck and have no stage presence on their own. Also any person who wasn't the leader or lead/main vocal of their respective idol group better start saving up their won now. I don't see much of a career in music for any of them. Unless they are bagging CDs at the local music store.

  6. Kahi 8 or so years ago definitely could've gone solo. Hyorin can too.

    For someone who can't, there are pretty damn many (Onew, Ryewook, Yoonhye etc). Although Seungri did surprise us, so who knows.

  7. Kahi and Uee should graduate from after school now

    hyunah better off solo, because she's bringing 4minute down.

    siwon also should pull out of super junior and concentrate as an actor. didnt get many lines in their songs anyway

    jiyeon and eunjung should pursuit for acting. i think they no longer fit with t-ara. (if this happen t_ara should just disband. they wouldn't survive without them both LOL)

  8. Hyuna should go solo cuz nobody cares for the rest of 4minute anyway, also Onew, I think, would be much better off solo without Key's nasal voice bringing him down. And I agree with Shin-B, Janghyun would be great if he went solo, but he's in the military now :/

    As for people that shouldn't --Hara, she doesn't really have a talent,except maybe modelling, Dongwoon, Hyogre, Boram, any of the 2pm dudes, etc

  9. CL from 2NE1 definitely has a future as a solo act.

    Taeyang from Big Bang: He was actually the first Kpop singer I discovered. It was during his solo album back in 2010. It took me about a good half a year to start listening to Big Bang. I'm still baffled on how I got into his music.

    HyunA from 4Minute: She'll be another talentless star but she'll make the cash with her shaking her tail feathers like she does now

  10. SHINee's Onew would make a good solo act, kind of like another Lee Seunggi; goody-goody and perfect on the outside, really messed up on the inside. The package is attractive.

    Even though Eunhyuk is a terrible singer, he would do alright imo because he's got the presence of a beast and he isn't the worst rapper around, and he's got one million variety skills to promote himself.

    Taeyeon seems to like music that's very different from SNSD's, and her vocal range is good enough to get her through even though she's flat out boring to watch on stage and occasionally unemotional; she could be a hit or a miss, but I'm not sure.
    The hit-or-miss concept could also apply to SJ's Kyuhyun; he's a good singer, but he relies heavily on the other members on stage because he's so.damn.boring when he's performing.

    most second-vocalists, faces, "rappers", "dancers" etc would flop like fish, so I'm not going to bother listing.

  11. NONE..that's why they're in idol groups..bc they can't be solos!!

  12. If SNSD broke up, this is what I think would happen in my ideal world:

    Taeng: Solo singer, perhaps in the sub-unit with Tiffany and Seo if they turn out to be wildly successful.

    Jess: Model, maybe actress.

    Sunny: Variety star, MC, professional ninja. I love her speaking voice, it's high pitched in a sexy way.

    Tiffany: Low to high tier solo singer, depending on what label she goes to and who produces her stuff. If she joins YG as a soloist she could be pretty big.

    Hyo: Joins miss A.

    Yuri: Definitely an actress,

    Sooyoung: MC or variety show host, maybe actress (plus model obviously).

    Yoona: Actress, unless she phails.

    Seo: A real job, maybe Secretary General of the UN.

    1. oh yeah, forgot about that. seohyun should just withdraw and go for politic. korea should be a better place to live i think.


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