Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[MV Review] Nine Muses - TICKET

Although this is a late review, Nine Muses' latest release comes hot on the heels of their last comeback single. TICKET marks the Muses' third collaboration with Sweetune, but should that be cause for concern? Not really.

TICKET's MV is a rather convoluted mess of a storyline plot with some dancing and emotive closeups for flavor. I took the liberty of subbing the major plot points for your easy digestion.

So you see, TICKET is about a horny guy who wants to take advantage of the fantastic sale going on and purchase his very own magical girl(s). They tell him to pick up the girls at the next window, but IT WAS ALL A SCAM BECAUSE THERE IS NO NEXT WINDOW. Armed only with the receipt of his purchase, he boards a train in search of the elusive "Next Window" and his magical girl(s). 

NOTE: 5000 won = $4.42 according to the exchange rates
at the time of publishing.
The closeups sprinkled into the song are kind of (okay mostly) really cheesy and rather laughable, but thankfully, they keep the emo closeups restricted to the verses of the song. The rest of the non-storyline bits showcase the hook dance. Which is also super-fucking hilarious.

The girls look mostly well put-together, and having the honor of being the tallest girl group, look fantastic in their shorty-shorts. I particularly like the black slutty flight suits, but that's just me. One thing that's kinda weird to me is the weird choice of uniforms. You have the nice air force-esque flight suits and aviators in one scene, and then you cut to the Girl Scout-y uniforms. Pretty random to me, but whatever.

Flaming cleavage to prevent nipslippage or just dramatic effect?
The song itself, in my opinion, doesn't compare to their previous effort. TICKET falls back onto hook song and dance to sell itself. While it does have its own very catchy merits, Nine Muses tries to do too many things with this song. The verses of the song are mid-tempo ballady stuff, and the bridges do a decent job of upscaling the tempo to the hooks, but the sudden return to the mid-tempo ballady stuff of the next verses drops some of the energy. It might have worked with a longer song for more time to do all the acrobatics, but TICKET is also held back by how short it is. Though Sweetune has been doing a great job with Nine Muses so far, TICKET feels like a rather rushed song to capitalize on the coattails of their last comeback.

Classic Quest storyline MV with lulzy dance for a decent yet short song that can't quite decide what it wants to accomplish.

I give this song a 3/5.


  1. LOL at Sera in the last gif, she is on her "I dont give a fuck" stroll, stepping on them haters.

    The one way ticket dance astounds me, mostly because its like they all have action figure's elbow joints.....

  2. I likey likey this song so. Especially the "dual-rap" part.

  3. The review is always good and fun to read when zaku the one who review it
    Atleast it has humor
    Rather than just some butthurt rant

  4. The group found their "niche" now, but this particular song can get really tiring with "won way won way". I would still listen to "News" over this, but this wasn't too bad. They have 4 pretty good vocalists and the 2 non-original members seemed to fit in so well.

  5. Chicken Runway~ Chicken Runway~ Runway, runway, runway CHICKEN!

    Ticket is nice, but News is still my jam~

  6. I use to think the rainbow was the best looking group but now 9muses just took that spot I mean this fucking girls are like a big fuck you to all the other groups
    I like the song also their voices sound good no like other groups the sound like a baby iguana getting rape also the "rotating fap dance" is the shit so awesome


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