Friday, April 27, 2012

Question of the Week 41

This week's question comes from Paul:
What two songs do you like a lot from groups / singers that you do not particularly like?
Mine are: f(x) - "Hot Summer" & "Lachata" and 4Minute - "HuH" & "For Muzik". Although I am a fan of SNSD, the two songs that I would definitely pick are "Genie" and "The Great Escape"

Hmm. I am going to have to think about this. I do not really listen to any artists I do not particularly like so...

Thank you for your suggestion for this week.

If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to, or leave them in the comments below. Thanks!


  1. Haru Haru - Big Bang
    In the Night Sky - After School Red (I don't really like After School in general)

  2. 2PM's "Again & Again" and "Without You."

    That's probably it for liking two songs from a group I don't like. I've got lots o' single song likes, though. "Ring, Ding, Dong" comes to mind immediately

  3. Timemachine - snsd
    Before the dawn -infinite
    Replay - shinee...nah im a shawol. ...

  4. HyunA - Bubble Pop & Outlaw in the Wild (still hate her camera-whoring a$$ and chipmunk rapping --> Trouble Maker <--- WTF KINDA RAPPIN' IS THAT?!?!)
    SeungRi - Strong Baby
    G-Dragon - A Boy (I actually like the other BIGBANG members for some reason)

    I have a habit of having end up really loving the bands/singers that I initially hate (e.g B.E.G, T♔ARA, RaNia, miss A) with the except of HyunA and GD......I'm pretty sure I'll always dislike them.

  5. 2NE1 - Can't Nobody
    Kara - Lupin
    Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
    2PM - Heartbeat
    T-ara - Yayaya, IGCBOY (I like Hyomin and Eunjung in T-ara though)
    Sistar - Ma Boy

  6. Shinee - Replay
    miss A - Good Girl, Bad Girl
    Secret - Love is Move
    f(x) - LOVE
    Super Junior - Monster

  7. Me, In - Wonder Girls
    Again & Again & Heartbeat - 2PM
    Trick - SNSD
    You're My - TaeYang (He's the corniest man on the planet to me)
    A Bitter Day - "Hyuna" (G.NA owns that song, I though Hyuna was featured on it.)

  8. Super Junior - Why I Like You, It's You
    DBSK - Why Did I Fall In Love With You, Before U Go
    EXO - What Is Love, History
    FT Island - I Hope

    Don't really like Super Juniors stuff, but really like those two songs (along with Super Girl). Really don't dig TVXQ's music (prefers JYJ). Only liked EXO's first two songs. Mama was horrendous. FT Island's I Hope was one of the first few songs I heard when I discovered K-Pop. I love the song! I think their other stuff sucks.

  9. I hate SuJu, but I like No Other.

  10. Kara- Jumping & Mister Jap ver
    B1A4- Beutiful target & wonderful night

  11. B1A4- It's Over(?), OK
    2PM- Heartbeat
    4Minute- Heart to Heart
    SHINee -Juliette, Sherlock
    2NE1- Lonely, Ugly, IATB, I Don't Care (including the "reggae" version lol)
    Big Bang- Love Song

  12. MBLAQ- Y
    2Ne1- Ugly
    UKiss- TICK tack

  13. Big Bang-Fantastic Baby

    (not that I hate them, I just haven't heard much from them and it would be totally gay if I knew all their songs).

    1. Its okay , bigbang fanbase Are 20% fanboys aint. Nothing new

    2. Bigabng has gd to get gay boys to like bb cuz of his girly clothes
      Taeyang cuz of his forever alone rnb style for boys that are forever alone
      Daesung bcuz of normal face ,ugly fanboys

      While top with his acting
      Seungri indont think boys like him that much im. A fanboy of them , but i fInd seungri and top is my least favourite

  14. Super Junior- Sorry Sorry, It's You, Super Girl
    2NE1- Fire, I Don't Care (Reggae Ver.)
    B1A4- O.K., My Love
    BEAST- Lightless, Back to You
    Wonder Girls- Nobody
    SNSD- Genie, Gee

  15. IU - Good Day
    Big Bang - Bad Boy
    2NE1 - Ugly
    SE7EN - Better Together
    4minute - I My Me Mine
    2PM - I'm Your Man (super guilty pleasure lol)
    Super Junior - Mr. Simple, It's You
    Girl's Day - Hug Me Once
    ZE:A - Mazeltov
    Apink - My My

    And the list goes on.. and yes, I really do not particularly like a lot of idols, but I don't go batshit crazy like some people :/. I'm indifferent to their presence much like Coldplay, U2, etc etc.

  16. KARA - Step
    G.NA - I'll back off so you can live (whatever the songs actually called)

  17. SNSD - Genie, Bad Girl
    Beast - Fiction, On Rainy Days

  18. i can go on for this since i listen to K-indie and other "not so internationally popular" singers.

    SHINee - Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong
    UKISS - 0330
    SuJu - Don't Don, Sorry Sorry [Answer ver.]
    SNSD - Genie
    2NE1 - Ugly
    4Minute - For Muzik, Muzik
    Kara - Lupin, Mister (well, my fave is actually Break It. but since Seung Hee's no longer there...)


  19. Super Junior-Monster ; Super Girl
    2ne1- Stay Together (This is the only song I ever liked from 2ne1 lol)
    T-Ara - Lies~

  20. Super Junior: Monster; Why I Like you
    SNSD: Genie(there isn't a 2nd one, sorry)
    Teen Top: Going Crazy


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