Sunday, April 22, 2012

[MV Review] SISTAR - Alone

SISTAR went to Las Vegas and all they did was film this lousy MV.

Hyorin and Bora SISTAR make their comeback with Alone, a fairly standard MV. When I heard SISTAR was going to film their MV in Sin City, I was rather excited to see what they would do. After all, it IS Las Vegas. But no, it's just your average dance-in-a-box with close-ups.

It may just be me, but I think all the production staff got roofied a la The Hangover. Because this MV is one huge clusterfuck. It's a mishmash of whatthefuckery from the staging down to the dancing. And speaking of dancing, Alive's dance has got to be the most lazily choreographed dance in recent KPop memory. Here's some of the lulzier dance bits.

This is literally the most repeated move in the choreo. It's like 70% of the dance/MV.
Sliding backwards cause moonwalking's probably too killer on the ankles in heels.
This is probably the most glaring evidence of the shoddiness of this MV.
Just take a look at how uncoordinated everyone is.
The slipshod nature of this MV could possibly be excused by the unf SISTAR gives us in return, but even then there's very slim pickings.

Not discrete at all, Dasom.
The skirt-lifting is so edgy, they can't show you the whole dance move at once.
Pole dancing again, SISTAR? Didn't we learn our lesson with How Dare You?
It's rather disappointing that they didn't do much with the Las Vegas setting. Huge missed opportunity to be honest. Sure you can't really do a HIGH HIGH or Hands Up for a girl group, but you could at least put more effort into using the city than walking in front of a hotel entrance and cheesing it up in some bar/club. 

"We don't always film MVs at the club, but when we do, we film in empty ones."
Disappointing MV aside, the song itself is a surprisingly solid title track. Incorporating some funky synth and keyboard over a nice and simple drumbeat, Alone is not the usual Brave Bros autoelectrotuned mess people have come to love/hate. The simple instrumental really works wonders to bring SISTAR's singing (read: Hyorin's vocals) to the forefront for a change, giving them more room for more vocal acrobatics. Hyorin's high notes are used in a similar way as the whistles in Troublemaker. It further rams home the point that Hyorin's carrying SISTAR's vocals, puttin' da whole team on her back tho.

My complaints with this song lie in the fact that it seems like the song is mostly chorus. It IS a great chorus, but when your song sounds and feels like 70% chorus, there are going to be problems. Bora's rap bit at the end is kind of a buzzkill, it's not very great at all. It seems very sloppily tacked on if you ask me.

Speaking of sloppy tack-ons, wtf does this even say/mean and why was it necessary at all?
(I see "Don't forget things which has been here with you")
Lazyass MV for a refreshingly mellow song that makes for a great break from the usual autotunes of the Brave S-I-S-T-T-T-A-Rz.

I give this song a 3.5/5


  1. I tried watching that MV; most of it was sistar shaking their asses.
    No complaints.

    I fucking hate the song, though; the overproduced crap music is what I live for.
    I hate it when kpop tries to be meaningful; it's like if a prostitute quoted Carol Ann Duffy or something.

  2. It's a type of song I'd rather listen to than watching the boring ass mv. If only they gyrated more and had guys throwing dollars at them, showed crazy fuckery that goes on the streets of Las Vegas, attempted/gotten raped and mugged, or dressed as Vegas girls with the feathered headdress and stuff, I'd believed they were really in Vegas.

  3. The song is okay but the video is as appealing as my toilet after I've had glass of milk.

  4. I hope a Girl's Day - Oh My God review is coming soon

  5. How dare you. Now Bora will get you.

  6. Sistar is wack. And when I'm looking at the red hexagon structure thingy, all I see is about a hundred EXOs.


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