Monday, April 9, 2012

SM Discovers Adblock

As I was watching/reviewing a couple of SM's recently released MVs, I was bugged by a little ad thing that popped up in the video. At first I thought it was just a pop-up and simply moved to close that shit cause it was in the way and highly distracting. To my surprise, my video paused and I realized SM are sneaky bastards and embedded that shit into the video itself. "Ah well," I thought. "Fuck you SM, I'll just download the video off the music portals and in higher definition to boot."

It didn't work, SM embedded the ads in those too. And if you consider MVs to be ads themselves to sell a song/album then...

Okay that was a contrived excuse to make this edit.
My biggest gripe with these ads is how SM is more or less forcing you to look at their ads for a service called EverySing, a highly ludicrous Engrishy pun of a name by the way. I'll download SM's shit illegally, and even I were inclined to "support my oppas/unnies" by purchasing it legally, SM's aggressive ad campaign pushes me away from that EverySing shit and towards iTunes or something out of spite.

It seems like I'm the only one bothered by this cause there sure as hell aren't any commenters on Youtube or elsewhere complaining about it. Either they're eating it up cause Daddy SM told them to, or I'm just irrationally butthurt.


  1. The problem is you're watching SM videos.

  2. People have complained about this.

  3. Yeah I don't get why hardly anyone has complained about this

    Maybe I'm not looking in the right places...?

    It pisses me off. I don't want to buy your shit and I don't want your shitty ad ruining the music videos for me. Shit.


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