Friday, April 6, 2012

Question of the Week 38

Okay, I'm taking over QotW temporarily since Shin hasn't been here in two months and all of her queued QotW articles have been posted by now.

With T-ara's impending expansion, do you think T-ara Shi Dae will actually work out for them? Do you think they should have cut some of the members instead?

As for me, I would have preferred 4-ara (Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon.) Those were the four that got me into liking T-ara because of TTL. After Hwayoung showed her nipple, she got some people to care about her, but the majority of T-ara fans still don't care about her, so I thought this would have been the perfect opportunity to get rid of Hwayoung, Boram, and Qri. But no, my idea makes sense and Kim Kwang Soo never does anything that makes sense.


  1. I'd prefer it if they just cut hwadog out and leave it at 6-ara. I don't mind Qri and Boram in the group, mostly because I pity them. Anyway a duet between Yangpa and Soyeon is coming; so I'm looking forward to that

  2. I kinda think it will work out.
    They getting hype with all this shits
    9-ara ftw

    Ara shi dae


    I wondr what diadem gonna use
    The power of nine?

    They already got a horsica version

  3. T-ara is dead to me. Adding Hwayoung was like the group getting cancer and now the cancer has spread to a terminal condition. Time to start the emotional distancing now. Fuck you, KKS. You are the Satan of Kpop.

    1. We can always remember the 6-ara days. I still listen to Absolute First Album/Breaking Heart every once in a while, but the shit from 7-ara rarely gets played.

  4. I will give 9-ara a chance. I didn't really care for Hwayoung til recently, maybe the other two will grow on me. If not, I could still just listen to their music.

    And if THAT sucks too then... there's nothing like sobbing in a corner with AbsoluteFirstAlbum/Breaking Heart playing in the background.


    Hopefully the two additions are good, but if they aren't, well just throw this group into the dumpster.

    1. Snsd could do it. 9-ara could do it too.
      T ara is like snsd. but they do well on digital

  6. Can we have 6-ara? They were the best t-ara.
    TTL, bo peep, i go cray cray because of you and like the first time are my favorite t-ara songs.

  7. Yeah Boram and Young can go to hell but Qri is still pretty hot dude. 5-ara would be sweet, I just hope the 2 new ones won't suck like Hwayoung (or take over Jiyeon's role)


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