Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crayon Pop's Way was a gang leader in school

Way recently revealed on the MBC show Quiz to Change the World that in school she was a stone cold thug that didn't put up with no shit! She detailed one of her many infamous exploits for which none were brave enough to convict her. Apparently some RATCHET ASS HO had pulled up to the wrong fuel pump, if you know what I mean, and STOLEN HER HOMEGIRL'S MAN! What else could a hard bitch like Way do? She had no choice but to ROLL UP ON DAT HO WITH ONE FUCKING HUNDRED HOMIES to deliver a beatdown she'd be lucky to live through let alone ever walk anywhere again to tell about it.

Serious fans will remember that some time ago Crayon Pop got a little nostalgic about these cherished memories of predebut life in one of their Crayon Pop TV episodes and reenacted the swag-ass approach. Watch here if you're street enough to not piss yourself at the sight.


  1. Da more badder worst females Seoul City eva seen.

    But seriously... try harder?

  2. thinking about which gun to pop cap in a bitch with ------->

    1. You never fuck with twins, Way and Choa are gansta as fuck.

  3. The cringing from that video link has rendered me completely frozen in shock and fear.

  4. She's just trying to let everyone know that she has a posse, keep T-ara from fuckin with her.

  5. Don't make a bitch hafta Crayon Pop a cap in yo ass

  6. Unni didn't only mean it, she'll get her posse together and beat your ass for it, too.

  7. Pft, everyone knows CL is the baddest female in kpop.


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