Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fei is the Best Right Now

Fei unnie is the best in Miss A but that stupid fat whore Suzy hogs all the attention. Fei unnie's like the prettiest member with like the hottest body and like jjangbakiest looks.

It's like not even fair how like deep in Suzy's shadow Fei unnie is. I wish like Fei unnie could get like some attention from people but like at the same time I like don't want people to like know how sexy and cute and funny Fei unnie is. Ugh, it's like so tough to be like a SayA but like only for Fei unnie.

Sometimes I like wish Fei unnie would like break off from like Miss A and like go solo and like be the best like Chinese princess of  like all of KPop. She's like way jjangbakier than that stupid stick girl Victoria anyway. So like share the love for Fei unnie, but like not too much cause I want her to be like big but like not so big that like disgusting boys are going to masturbate to her cause that's like gross you know?


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