Saturday, March 16, 2013

Girl's Day manager secretly removes dating ban

You might remember that not too long ago Minah begged their manager to remove their dating ban after getting gold in the Idol Olympics high jump. Well, our inside sources have confirmed that her request was honored, but getting the word out can be a little tricky.

If you make a public announcement, then you start losing male fans and draw attention for people to publicize and scrutinize your private relationships. So to keep it on the DL but still get the word out, their manager helped them find ways to drop hints that fellow idols are used to spotting by putting them right in the choreography of their new song.

Sojin decided to take a kpop classic and add an extra gesture to make it clear.

Now open for business. Come hither.
Minah appeared to have already made arrangements with a specific someone.

As for Hyeri and Yura... well, they were rather straightforward.

Props to their manager for letting them live a little rather than throw away their youth being slaves to archaic and cruel rules for no reason but to indulge the delusional fantasies of misogynistic males who want women to be sexy yet count them actually having sex (unless it's with them) as an impurity. Perhaps the decision was made because their manager is a woman (damn, she looks like Sohee/Sohyun) but either way, it's good to see they are free and were able to get the message out before MOGEF censors the fuck out (literally) of their choreo.

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  1. WTF ahjussi article!

    Whats up with Minah's face? So ugly looking! Bish, you aint no Ga In! get some eyelid surgery like the rest of kpop!

    1. OMONA! It's just lighting okay! Unni is naturally pretty unlike u hater bish!

  2. What I have gathered from these gifs is that Sojin likes anal, Minah's telling us that phone sex doesn't cut it, and that Hyeri and Yura REALLY want some dick right now.

    1. At least we know she is promoting safe sex. #noglovenolove

  3. Replies

  4. My message to klogg-

    While Hyeri is cute, with eyes of mystique
    Her face is quite flawed; in need of a tweak.
    So as long as your GIFs are of only her back,
    I'll consistently view and continue to fap.


  5. Minah is rubbing her crotch a little too pleasurably. If there was a hole in them pants, a finger wouldve went in.


    "I love you" sign + Pointing to tongue

    I'll let you figure out what that means.


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