Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stop Taking Kpop So Seriously

Here's an essay from Kpop Secrets about a person taking Kpop way too seriously.

Don't become like this fan

While being in the KPOP fandom, I never truly felt good about myself. Actually, I used to be very introvert and shy (still am, but less). I don’t make friends that easily and I can lose them quickly.

Okay, the first problem with this essay that I have is that this fan is trying to demonize herself. Being an introvert isn't bad. Not wanting to hear people talk about stupid shit all the time isn't bad. This fan is trying to turn a trait that she thinks is bad and trying to compare it to the "perfectionism" of idols. It simple doesn't work. The two are unrelated.

Sometimes I would see the bond between the members and the interactions between groups and ask myself “Why can’t I make friends?” I would wonder “Why am I not pretty like her? Why can’t my skin be this flawless? Why can’t I wear designer clothes and look good in everything?” Because KPOP idols always strive for perfection, I was scared of being who I really am. I knew I would never be as good as them. I’m not blaming them for the fact that I can’t express my feelings but it’s not like they helped me overcome the fear of being criticized for saying my opinion (And it’s not like the fans helped either).

Yes, you are blaming Kpop for your introversion. At this point, I wouldn't even call it introversion. Introversion means that a person prefers to be alone and have a lot of alone time, as opposed to extroversion, where the person wants to be around others as much as possible. For example, I'm an introvert, I prefer having a lot of alone time, but that doesn't hurt me when making new friends. Being shy =/= introversion. This fangirl is trying to blame her problems on Kpop.

There were hardly any KPOP idol songs in which I could relate to, love songs were not what I needed. Perhaps now that I lost interest in KPOP there are idols making songs about society and life. Perhaps idols that made songs about dreams and hope always existed but they were overshadowed by music with repetitive lyrics that made no sense. Perhaps it was simply my fault for not trying to look for those songs.

I can't take this seriously. If you can't even understand Korean, I don't see how a song could change your life anyway. If you want a song to change your life, mainstream pop isn't the way to go.

Why did I stop being a fan of KPOP? I’m just going to say that they didn’t really help me learn lessons that I could use in my life. They were entertaining yes, but not to the point to have them as my role models or to worship them.

But you did worship your oppars and unnirs and are now blaming your troubles upon them. I don't understand this mindset at all. Idols aren't meant to be role models insomuch as they are entertainers. They want you to buy their shit and that's it. Stop treating Kpop as a religion.

I know some people like KPOP simply for the entertainment, to lock themselves from the real world or the release stress. Or just to fantasize about good-looking people they can’t have and it’s good if this is what they need and they feel better about themselves (but please, know your limits and when to stop). I’m not saying that everyone should stop listening to KPOP and go listen to music with lyrics that make you cry and reflect on life.

Well sorry that I only listen to Kpop for catchy music and hot girls. Sorry that I don't blame the fact that it's hard to find a job right now on Kpop. Sorry that I don't blame Kpop for hating working in groups for school projects. Oh wait, I'm not sorry, because Kpop isn't the problem.

Stop blaming your troubles on Kpop.


  1. I blame K-Pop for global warming.

    1. the amount of radioactive emitted from listening and watching kpop sure give me boner cancer as well

    2. fangirls gave me aids

    3. in retrospect, that came out wrong

    4. Obsessive Bias Fangirls are scary as fuck in real life O.o

  2. She is probably underaged and doesn't understand shit she was saying.

    I am also quite an introvert myself (thanks to LoL too), while also being really super shy, I even suspect sometimes that I have social phobia. And like what you said, I don't blame kpop for that, it's just ridiculous.

    Also imo, the important part of music is its melody, not its lyrics. This reminded me of those close minded people who doesn't like listening to kpop and saying shit bout them just coz they don't understand the lyrics.

    1. Kpop usually sticks to 3 specific chord progressions, usually all in C blues. If you're expansive enough in your music tastes, you'd understand how finite, and suffice to say, uninspiring, that is.

      Though I gotta hand it to the fan. Successfully shifting her positive cognitive dissonance to negative. Way to take control!

  3. No no, I relate to this girl. Every time I get the shits, rather than blaming it on the food I ate, I simply shake my fist in the air and cry out "K-POOOOPPPPPP!"
    Add one more "o" and it spells K-Poop
    I'm not trying to blame my digestive problems on K-Pop
    But my digestive problems are because of K-pop

  4. K-Pop helps when u run out of FAP materials. True story

    1. Is this even possible? Given the amount of porns available on Internet, it will be a gross underestimation to say there are 10 life time worth of fap material out there.

    2. i don't want to fap to people i don't recognize. i want to fap on people i know. until korean start having gravure modelling, k-pop mv is the closest to fap on (unless you are into fake photoshop like me)

  5. Eh, jpop s better, maybe coz i understand it.

  6. so basically this girl felt the need to write a public essay because she grew out of liking disposable pop songs

    and shyness ≠ introversion ≠ lack of self-confidence

  7. K-Pop changed my life.

    Before, I never was a Taengoo stan. Now, Taengoo is my life. I worship her like Koreans worship Jesus Tiffany.

    Also, I Don't Care by 2NE1 changed my life too. Before I used to care. Now, I still care, but if I need to get over something, I just think of I Don't Care.

    Power of Nine.

  8. I read the line "Why did I stop being a fan of KPOP? I’m just going to say that they didn’t really help me learn lessons that I could use in my life" and laughed.

    I think you've got bigger problems to deal with when you're looking for inspirational role models singing pop songs in a language you (most of the time) don't understand a single word of. Not to mention all the contradictory stuff this poor girl is saying.

  9. kpopsecrets


  10. Sorry, didn't read everything. Maybe it fits the topic... or not.
    But am I the only one that noticed Taeyeon looking different since Dec ? Mainly the upper lip being hugely botox'd or some shit.

    Also wanted to write about Bom something... but I don't remember exactly what, except for "do we have a video of the pic in question ?".

    Yes, I am back from my vacation, for the one single person that cared.

    1. How does Taeyeon get involved in the discussion? Anyway, I am always under the impression that idols having facelift from time to time is one of the worst kept secret in Kpop (the other one being oppars and unnies have no talent), no?

  11. yeah, like english songs actually have a non-love songs nowaday.

    that's why you don't just focus on one interest only. if i don't hear kpop, i still have jpop and those youtube-only songs

  12. I blame K-pop for international terrorism, the economic situation, poverty, hunger and lack of drinking water. And I blame Obama for K-pop, Thanks, Obama!

  13. Why do people read so deeply into kpop. It's basically just 'murican pop in korean...

  14. I think I know what she means though.

    She was already shy and maybe had social anxiety, but k-pop was probably her own obsession and she found it hard to talk to others because k-pop isn't a topic that a lot of people even know about

    There are so many people against her, actually I think she tried to insult herself to show people her character. She's not confident, yet people are reading too much into this and going against her .

    at least TRY to understand what she's going through, I had this phase myself and it was hard to break out of.

    All she's literally telling us in this is the reason she quit K-pop, no matter how dumb you think it is it doesn't matter because it's her own reason, and it's valid.

  15. you are the stupidest troll I ever see...get a life and stop trolling another person bcz of their opinion...and yes I can relate to what she says about kpop and it is a shit any way


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