Monday, March 4, 2013

Dasoni - Goodbye

Just like 아저씨 did last June in his article about Crayon Pop, I believe people should be paying attention to Dasoni.

Dasoni is a sub-unit composed of EXID's two vocalists, Solji and Hani, and also the two hottest members of the group. Dasoni debuted when female duos were the rage. We got some weird ass country concept from 2Yoon and a solo song from Hyorin featuring Bora's shitty rap. However, unlike those two disappointments, Dasoni was the female duo that impressed me.

I have long been a proponent of Kpop going back to how it was in the 90s and early to mid 2000s, before hook songs and useless members became the norm. I don't have a problem with the sound of current Kpop music, but I hate the fact that there are many unnecessary members contributing shit to groups these days. EXID is another example of this. Junghwa and Hyelin are useless, and LE's only use is writing and composing the songs because her rapping sucks and she's butt-fucking-ugly. Dasoni removes the useless elements of EXID. Shinsadong Tiger shows us that he can actually make good pop songs instead of the derivative songs he composes for T-ara.

Aside from having a good song with just two vocalists and no shitting rapping, the best part of the song is the concept. They went with the Shinbi concept (hot Chinese whore concept), and it has worked wonders. Klogg from was kind enough to gif some Dasoni gifs for me.

You can see more under the Dasoni tag.

Is EXID essentially pointless now? Maybe, but EXID is still more popular than the subgroup. If EXID can continue in the direction they're in, they should be one of the rookie groups to stay around after all of these rookie groups go poof.


  1. LE should wear a mask for humanity's sake.

    1. I think she's kind of cute when she has shades that cover half her face and when she doesn't have that stupid fucking hairstyle.

      That counts, right?

  2. Good Bye is good but I like 아주 흔한 말 more. Dasoni needs to do like Orange Caramel and become their own (more) popular thing. They are so good just the two of them.

  3. Aside from a personal wish to put a bit more compression on the vocals, but songwriter did a descent job, so I'm ok with this.
    Not like "Beautiful Stranger" ok, but more "live band cover of Hold Your Colour" ok.

    I agree with 아저씨, they could become an Orange Caramel, but like them, they need a more specific genre to hold on to. Jazz? or maybe some sort of retro disco-funk throwback. I don't know, seems like they could pull it off.

  4. I saw a couple of their live perfs and... NEEEEXT

  5. They indeed have a vast potential, I think the song is ok, but I just don't love it. Also, I think something is missing in them when I compared them to Davichi.


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