Sunday, March 24, 2013

G-Dragon's cunty hat and why you shouldn't be a little bitch about it.

So I saw the thread on Netizenbuzz about G-Dragon's hat with the word "cunt" on it.

This picture is actually several months old, and I've seen it before, so I have no idea why it's being brought up in Korean media right now all of a sudden.  It's a fucking stupid photo, G-Dragon looks like a tool (when does he not, let's be honest here folks, sure he's creative and talented but he's such a weedy looking dude and without his involvement in k-pop nobody would look at the guy twice except to sweep a driveway or something), but it's also done fairly tongue-in-cheek.  I bet you have gone into a store, seen a fucking stupid hat that you wouldn't wear in a million years, and tried it on while someone took a dumbass photo of you - that's obviously what this is.

Of course, Korean netizens are crying about it like it's their business and they are OH SO SRS as per:

1. [+107, -14] Can he please check the words on his clothing before he wears them? I can't even imagine how tough his fangirls have it

2. [+108, -10] GD, please think before you wear things. How many times have you been on the chopping block for things like this?

And western netizens are no better, here's part of the wonderful chat I had with the good people who comment on Netizenbuzz, where everyone strains themselves to be as much like Korean netizens as possible in the hope that one day their dreams will come true and they'll wake up Korean:

The video I linked, I recommend you all watch it, educational purposes y'all:

And you've got NO IDEA how much it pains me to link a video of The Young Turks because I really don't like them AT ALL, I really don't like the guy, but the girl is saying stuff that many of my less-uptight female friends have also said, so I thought it was a good example.  It saves me from having to type out all that shit about how opinions on the word aren't universal among females like you would think and some see it as an empowering word and blah fuckin' blah...  Anyway... the conversation continues:

And that right there sums up the netizen hive-mind the world over.

Something that I didn't add to my argument, because whenever I mention to strangers online that I'm a music industry professional and therefore I actually have somewhat of an informed opinion about music industry matters, they act like I just told them to eat their own shit in a bucket: I like G-Dragon's hat not because I like G-Dragon (I don't mind the odd BigBang song but I'm not about to drop to my knees and suck the guy off) but because I have actually created clothes like what he's wearing, for the express purpose of offending as many people as possible.  For publicity.  Yes, it fucking worked.

Presenting some of my old band's merchandise, modelled by the lovely Danni Du Bois:

Okay, so the hair and the gun is in the way of the text, but the t-shirt says "PROBLEM, CUNT?" and my old punk band made these shirts and we would sell them at shows.  Both men and women bought them.  One guy even got himself beaten up when he went around town with one of our shirts on, drunkenly yelling "Problem, cunt?" at people - which is kind of funny actually.  He came back to us after with the shirt ripped and blood all over it and we gave him another one.  We also sold other items of clothing with the same slogan, and had a few different designs.

Obviously I don't need to explain my position on this any further.  Stephen Fry sums it up nicely, saving me even more typing:

As for the Korean idols who wear supposedly offensive slogans in English, which happens quite a lot it seems, I have no idea how clued in their wardrobe departments are about the swearing and what it means, I would assume maybe some of them know, and the bigger labels all have English-speaking staff, so I'm sure it's not just all slipping through the net out of ignorance, but I don't care really.  I laugh when I see idols wearing supposedly offensive shit, I think it's great, especially as the music is so sweet and syrupy.  I dig the juxtaposition of those elements.

Like I care if others can't deal with it, in Korea or elsewhere.  Maybe one day they'll get off their computers and go out into the real world and someone will call them a cunt and their head will spin around and they'll shoot green bile from their face like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

I hope someone takes a selca.


  1. He has never been so accurate.

  2. another video you should share:

    that's what human do for a living. if we could, we would like to make a big deal on everything, including how many time idols poop a day

  3. And another author who thinks their opinion is right and anyone who thinks otherwise is a delusional fangirl. Except ur like those annoying emo hipsters who are soooo not conforming.

    Oh, and that design is so lazy mmm qurl.

  4. That hat is tacky. And gd wearing it, looks tacky too (when he ever didn't?). Knetizens making a fuss over this, Inetizens making a fuss over a fuss created by Knetizens, and you making a fuss over all of this, is quite entertaining. Keep doing it, it keeps boredom away from me for a while

  5. That hat is tacky. And gd wearing it, looks tacky too (when he ever didn't?). Knetizens making a fuss over this, Inetizens making a fuss over a fuss created by Knetizens, and you making a fuss over all of this, is quite entertaining. Keep doing it, it keeps boredom away from me for a while

  6. It's just Kpop. Don't take it seriously

  7. Gd is talented?

    I personally dislike those swear words caps especially if worn by an idol, aside from how american wannabe it made him look,it's not a good word and it does not make you look cool.

  8. Its just kpop. Its not like its srs bizness.

  9. Eh i disagree. I'm not a woman, but if i saw a cap with "FAG" plastered at the top i can understand offense. Personally i'm not offended by it (like 4chan & sulli_fag) but someone calling me a faggot is my biggest peeve. I can't empathize with woman technically, but no matter how much a word is used, the emotional symbolism still lingers.
    And derogatory terms on fashion is tasteless and lacks originality at attempts to be edgy, not unlike most kpop.

  10. You can't tell someone what they should and shouldn't be offended over, and the only people I ever see use the word cunt are 15 year olds who think it's cool. Also having it on your clothes is tacky and embarrassing.

  11. I completely agree with the author. There's no reason for being offended by this. Unless you yourself feel that this message is especially directed at you (and that this somehow undermines your integrity). If someone across the street yells out 'cunt!' are you really gonna stop in your tracks and think: 'Well that really offended me! I want you to apologize right now!'. I can understand being offended if someone comes up to you and say 'I think you're a stupid cunt', but this is just a statement that has absolutely no context and is not directed at anything or anyone. It just is. It's like being offended about the existence of swearwords. It's just a word, get over it.
    It is much easier if you stop being offended. Try it.


    Protip: You aren't going for a PhD in fangirl-hating. Chill out a bit.

    1. I'm extremely chilled, I'm just also verbose. I'm the most laid-back person you could ever wish to meet - I just also really like them 'words' things, I like using them, I like stringing them together, and to me that's the appeal of a blog, that you can take a topic and explore it in-depth (preferably with lots of swearing). Yeah I know, it's a curse in these modern times when people are expected to fit all their goals and dreams into 127 characters including spaces and punctuation... hey, I tried to keep the world length down as much as I could in this one, hence the videos. You should have seen the first draft, damn...

    2. Well see it's just that I didn't see anyone flipping their shit here, so you acting like they were made it seem like you were flipping your shit.

    3. Not at all, that's just how I blog. I could have phrased it all very differently but then it would be a boring read for me. I figure if I'm not entertained by my own posts, I can't expect them to entertain anyone else.

  13. first i thot it was gonna be an article by a fangirl on akf or something. bcuz that isnt something new.
    then i read it because ... well oppa is a cunt

    i dont know why, but i kinda agree with you.
    keep posting deep shit up. will like you long time

  14. i was gonna say this article was too much, but i read it all and was suprisingly entertained

  15. This is the first time I see someone posting captured images with their own comments in the crossfire. Amusing.

  16. I think the problem here is that you're trying to compare Big Bang and Girls Generation with punk bands. Big Bang is not punk, they weren't created to make a counter-cultural statement. They are kpop performers that exists for the sole purpose of making money.

  17. Kpopalypse nugu?

    I think I'll like this fegget if he'll be AKF's resident TMZ-esque reporter who'll base articles on real fangirl responses to his demagogue ideas on dicksqus.

  18. Good read, breath of fresh air in AKF when it comes to attitude, +1 Tiffany ass for you

  19. It's just a tacky hat and kpop, it's not all that important, really.

    when i was at the mall once I saw like 3 teenagers wearing merchandise with various words and phrases that'd get you booed/hated on in Korea (such as fuck and shit, maybe I saw one that said cunt too?). guess that's 'Merica for you.

  20. cant beat this

  21. I like this new author because he knows Stephen Fry. :)


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