Saturday, March 9, 2013

[MV Review] Rania - Just Go



AIGHT GUYS, Rania's finally made the legit comeback they've promised us for a while now. Those of you who follow Rania like I do already know we've been Jewed out of a comeback for ages and ages. Remember back when they were still promoting Pop Pop Pop and Joy (bless her Thai princess soul) had just mysteriously disappeared? Or when they performed Killer at the Dream Concert as a hype for a comeback that eventually materialized as YG's Style, somehow losing Jooyi along the way? And even after getting Jooyi back, somehow we temporarily lost Riko to her college education before THIS comeback too.

Yeah. Fuck Dr. Music. Anyway, they've finally FINALLY made a proper comeback with the material we've been promised all along. It may be a collection of all their released material thus far + 3 new tracks, but IT'S STILL BETTER THAN NOTHING. Rania's glorious cumback MV is a sexy sex dance in a box + closeups style, but there's also a very minimal plot in there to tie it all together.

From what I gather, our main actress T-ae and the male lead (Does anyone else think he looks like Lee Kwang Soo's big bro?) were lovers but he was caught two-timing with Di. Both girls came to realize how much of a scumbag this guy is, and now want nothing to do with him. It's a "plot" that makes surprising sense given the translation of the lyrics that Dr. Music so graciously provided for us, but ultimately they don't really do enough with it for me to give a shit. The teaser trailer for the MV had me all hyped up for some crazy yandere shenanigans, what with T-ae brandishing a pistol at the male lead and all, but none of it materialized in the actual MV. What the fuck man?

There's also a very confusing series of cuts where T-ae's just running aimlessly through the streets like a hot Korean girl version of Forrest Gump. If we disregard the "plot," and it's very very easy to do so, what we're left with is a jjangbak faptacle (fap + spectacle = faptacle, not to be confused with fap + article = fapticle or fap + tentacle cause that shit makes no sense) for the eyes. The choreo practically drips with sexuality, and the moves are damn hot. All the KPop fans searching for the ever elusive "datass" might be satiated with this MV.

As you can see, there's a whole lotta pelvic gyrating and booty in this MV. IT'S AWESOME, RIGHT? Haters be damned, Rania's really embraced the sexy concept and really hammered it home. There's no half-assing here!!

Visually, the MV is fairly nice too. I would have liked more variety in the outfits, but whoever thought of lace bodystockings as an outfit deserves a raise and a promotion man. The girls look fucking great, and with the possible exception of Jooyi's odd blonde with random cotton candy highlights, everyone's styled well. That being said, I will never understand what KPop sees in people with glitter/blingbling/bejeweled eyebrows and eyeliner. Never.

Get that shit outta here.
As for the song itself, it too does not disappoint. It's high energy, and full of Jooyi who was very sorely missed in the Style promotions. Riko might have done an admirable job trying to fill her shoes, but she's no vocal powerhouse like Jooyi is. Even though the song's like 60% Jooyi and 40% divvied up between the other 4 girls, you don't get that sense of line skew like you might see in a SISTAR19 or 2NE1 song (or maybe that's just me). The chorus is especially catchy and attention-grabbing. I don't think I need to remind anyone how nice it is that there's no shitty rap break! Rania knows how to throw down to secure a place in all of our hearts.

I will have to complain about Saem's speak-talky autotune bit at the end. I found it kinda odd, and I wish they had actual singing instead of that weirdness.

If you haven't listened to the other 2 new songs, I highly recommend you do so. Killer we've already heard before, so it's great to finally have an official MP3 version. Secret Party is very English heavy, and that may be kinda hit or miss with people who are already on the fence about that horrid rap break near the end, but the song's also dripping with sensuality (more so than anything they've done before) that surprised me.

One more Xia gif for the road. <3

JJangbak song with an jjangbak dance featuring plenty of ass.

  • great song + chorus!!
  • no rap
  • lace bodystockings are fucking amazing
  • ass ass ass ass
  • choreography is fantastic
  • too many flashing lights in the background, distracts from the ass
  • half-assed "plot" (I WAS LIED TO)
I give this a 4.5 out of 5. FUCKING AMAZING


  1. "Rania's really embraced the sexy concept"

    Rania, really? I don't believe it.

    "the possible exception of Jooyi's odd blonde with random cotton candy highlights"

    wtf man, that's the best kpop hair I've ever seen. I thought it was really well done.

    "That being said, I will never understand what KPop sees in people with glitter/blingbling/bejeweled eyebrows and eyeliner. Never."

    I think they're kind of cool but holy shit they went crazy with them. Whole jewel-encrusted eye sockets. I wanted to scrape them off like the worlds gnarliest eye boogers.

  2. is di a lesbian because i would be way into that.

  3. Oh, i so agree with you, these lace body stockings are the shit!! Also there was no random rap break or try-hard adult cuteness, which automatically makes the MV worth watching,at least. Dr. Feelgood had too much forced sexiness, but this one was better.

  4. This one is actually pretty good, even for pop.
    Interesting voice directing with lyrical trip-ups, matching well with the skipping drum pattern. American dance seamlessly interpreted into a Korean pop spin.
    What a found really interesting was the irregular bridges, and the fact that the chorus uses a chord progression usually found in metal.
    I'm gonna be so mad, if it doesn't do well.

    Oh, and as a person that has never been a fan of your gifs, zaku, that "plot" gif was fucking genius.

  5. Di umf

    and +50000 pts for having Jooyi back

    i still miss Joy

  6. hey you know some Jews read this don't you?

  7. I wanted to see more butt Twerking than pelvic gyrating, Rania needs more skills.

  8. If there are only 5 girls here, who is still missing? I know Joy left, but that would still leave the group with 6 girls?
    And apparently Jooyi is back.
    Riko, Di, Saem, T-ae, Xia and Jooyi?

    1. Riko/ the bitch face one / my fav left the group temporarily to go to school.

    2. Damn I wish it was Saem who left LOL

    3. Saem is cute but it looks like she got some "tweaks" done since Style. She should know only Riko can pull off the unmoving plastic surgery face concept

  9. spreading ur legs open is the new hello

  10. I knew them since Dr. Fap Good, where they really know what the fanboys wanted, instead of the cutesy aegyo explosions. Whatever song comes after that was crap.

    This song actually sounded pretty good, and doesnt sound recycled from mainstream kpop like most of the songs. MV being faptastic aside, it really looks legit and has definitely some effort put into.

    And now we wait for fangirls raging for sexual appeal whatever shit

    1. Like it or not, idols are in the industry to sell their sex appeals. Some delusional fanboys/girls may find that over-the-top aegyo shit arousing and idols are catering to that sector of the fandom. People will do whatever it takes to keep themselves afloat in the Kpop jungle....

  11. Glad to hear that Rania actually sticks to their sex concept. By this rate we are only 2 or 3 MVs away from having the girls spreading their butt cheeks and expose their assholes for us fappers to seed.

  12. just cause they put their behinds into circular motion does not make their faces any better. 2/5

  13. Omomo is the new hello. I'm really glad I remembered to post that.


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