Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's time for an intervention

On a recent ep of "Star Life Secret," Lee Hong Ki confessed to spending more than $45,000 on nail art. Let's put aside the fact that's a shit ton of money to spend on something so trivial and makes Drake's $50,000 stripper shower seem more practical in comparison.

This just seems like a much better investment.
Think of all the happiness Drake brought those strippers.

Instead of heaping rich, creamy judgment on Lee Hong Ki, let's focus on the heart of the matter here: Hong Ki has a problem. It's called nail art, and it's an addiction. 

Sure, boy probably wasn't to blame at first. Somewhere down the line, some stylist probably introduced him to the habit. Maybe he thought getting that first mani was harmless, but that's the way it is with gateway drugs. You tell yourself this first time won't matter; you'll never get addicted. Next thing you know, you're sneaking into the bathroom at work every couple of hours to give yourself a quick top coat. 

Hong Ki himself hasn't been shy about flaunting his detrimental lifestyle. His Twitter feed exhibits the signs of a nail art junkie. 

When asked to weigh in on the matter, his nail artist apparently said, “In the nail art field, Lee Hong Ki is considered a genius.” Oh, yeah? You know what you are, fuckin' nail tech? An enabler, that's what. And just as responsible as F.T. Stylin' here for encouraging this sort of behavior.

The madness must stop. Hong Ki might think he's only hurting himself, but he's not. His celebrity makes him a role model whether he realizes it or not. Because of his habits, now children around the globe will think it's OK to have their nails look like this:

I say it's time for kpop fans everywhere to step in and host an intervention. Let's help get Hong Ki off the finger candy.

It's not like he has to go cold turkey. I'm sure some money-hungry methadone clinic would take him in while he goes through withdrawal. Hong Ki, do yourself a favor and check yourself in.

And remember, kids: Just say no (to nail art).


  1. Do his band mates like his nail accessories when Hongki is fingering their buttholes or something? I see no other reason for him to be getting nail art.

    1. Because he likes it? The heteronormativity on this blog bums me out. Personally, I don't give a fuck how people decide to spend their money.

    2. The aspiration of beauty is a trait inherited more by females than men, hence why women are a symbol of it. Materialism is more often associated with women, too.

      Go ahead and treat us like, WE are the odd ones out.

      Of course, none of this matters, because I'm pretty sure Chuck is just joking either way.

    3. its a strange fetish. a hardcore one

    4. @Infamist Still, men also want to look good, and can even get obsessed with it. Sexuality doesn't matter, it's more about fashion. For example, in Middle Ages high heels were a men's thing, it even symbolized masculinity (!). And Korea seems not so strict about those things like the West world. If Hong Ki knew he could be bashed about it and was convinced it was so wrong and he shouldn't occupy with such things because they are not manly but "gay" , he wouldn't do that (even if he really was gay).

    5. @tele_tabi Again, it still immasculine, as materialism isn't a core part of men's basic genetics. Not to say there's anything wrong with it, or that deviations aren't prelevent, but it is not a "norm", and no amount of cultural heritage is gonna change that. Culture changes rapidly, genetic codes not so much.
      In the feudal japan, samurai were to present themselves visually, usually with waxed stylized hair, and make-up, ie. materialism.
      Now, we can sit here and debacle cultural references back and forth, or we can latch on to the longest running constant amidst it all, which is human biology.

    6. Wait, so men are not GENETICALLY material?

      Gee, I guess all the millions of men throughout history who conceptualized and implemented capitalist economies were just anomalies. I guess men never set up power structures that reward wealth and property either.

      I guess that's why there are so many more women on the world's richest list and why they own so much of the world's money.

      Wait, none of that is fucking true. Get a grip.

      It isn't a NORM? You're smoking some good shit. So we never assign virtuous traits to the wealthy, right? Men are not pressured to become successful and provide for their families? There isn't a very specific dress code in the corporate world that shuns men with cheap suits? The male fashion industry isn't worth billions of dollars? Men don't aspire to accumulate wealth and material goods? Tell me, who buys all the fancy cars? In fact, which sex is associated with buying cars in general? Which sex is most well known for taking trophy spouses, buying boats, owning property?

      The issue is not which sex is more materialistic than the other. The fact is you're claiming men are not materialistic on the basis of both biology and sociology, which is self-evidently false. Go check yourself, dumbass.

    7. I said, it is not part of mens CORE biology, and as such, one isn't out of line to question rapid behavior of something as petty as nail polish, not to dismiss materialism competely. It is more unheard of that a man uses non-budget majority income on nail polish, than "living spartan". THAT is what I said.

      It's funny you should name capitalism, though, since it is true materialism is something you relate to capitalism, but as a product of it, not the driving force behind it. That would be ambition, individualism. Freedom to do stuff. The stuff that you produce has a use for yourself, if not someone else. Either way profit.
      Originated with rise of early free-farmers with the disbandment of landowner-farmer relationships, not a direct product of biology, which you seem to claim. Everyone knows humanity started as hunter/gatherers, then farming for convenience.

      If you think "materialism => capitalism" then you would be wrong, if you however still think "men => capitalism" then sort of yes. The biggest consumers in a capitalist environment are however women. A lot of 50's marketing were targeted at women, exactly for this reason.

      "Men are not pressured to become successful and provide for their families?"
      No, actually. Not entirely. That sort of thinking comes along on it's own because of duty and responsibility, which are leader traits. Being a "man" comes naturally, unless it is outrightly hindered...which it is in todays day and era.

      Materialism isn't part of mens core biology. ONCE AGAIN, nothing outrightly wrong or "youshouldn'tdothatbecauseblahblah"-reasons, No. Read exactly what I said to tele_tabi.
      Obsessive materialism is not a man's "norm".

      And stop being so goddamn condescending in a big-boy talk. It's hard to take your misguided aggression seriously.

      Sorry for the in-fuck-credible long posts, everyone.

    8. So, in this specific instance, partaking in buying and using nail polish is not coded in men's genes?
      Nature plays significant roles in personality/psychology, but something as specific as materialism? I think a wiser argument is that women develop into the purchasing niche of society with the exhaust of child birth i.e. more likely to stay at home (as this was for thousands of years); it is indirectly biologically related, but specifically coded in genes? That is a stretch. (and I'd rather not discuss capitalism, not related)

    9. Materialism is indeed a trait more apparent in women, mainly because they can make the best use of it as you said, through consumption relative to being a housewife.
      It isn't as much materialism, as it is general emotional investment coincidently carried over to objects, but it is better explained as materialism. It is an extend of women's caring nature. It makes women better suited for consumption and makes them able to optimize their, and, if it's a family, the family's consumption.

      All the way back in the early hunter/gatherer societies before life and to that extend gene purposes changed, women were the ones to prepare, and make the best use of the home-brought animal. Way before the brain reshaped, as people began farming.
      Sure, the effects have been amplified as life has become easier, I'll definitely vouch for that argument. Todays materialism =/= yesterdays materialism. I am not a neuroscientist though, or in any field related to it, so couldn't explain to you where one end, and the other begins.
      I'll go so far and to say, I suspect the materialism to have decreased, as women has put begun putting more value in individualism, and base relationships, not on the success of the individual, but the success of the relationship.

      That's about the gist of it, when you old farty men talk about, how "women SHOULD BE care-taking and housewives hoity hoity hoit". You know, domestic stuff like that, and they would "generally" (emphasis on the quoted word) be right.
      Personally I don't care. As long as one produces externally and consumes internally, while another produces internally and consumes externally, I couldn't give a flying fuck.

  2. This is the first time in my whole life I hear a man spends his money for nail art.


  4. This article made me laugh!! The weird-as-fuck habits of male Kpop idols is probably the most entertaining thing about Kpop. Also, that snake in his index finger looks painful...

  5. Hongki must be the only straight guy in the world who's into nail art.

  6. Nail technician earn a lot of money with all those sex depraved housewifes.

    Them nail designs be tacky and his fingers are shaped like penis.

  7. I just laughed so hard. Thank you

  8. That pussy Hong Ki would be into some shit like that.

    I know Drake has a thing for whale asses but elephant trunk thighs?

  9. This is so off putting. Looking at his nail miniatures just gives me the freak, especially the toe ones....It's probably the queerest fetish I've ever seen from a guy, fuck this shit....

  10. "The aspiration of beauty is a trait inherited more by females than men, hence why women are a symbol of it. Materialism is more often associated with women, too."



    you are human garbage. you are scum. you are wasting air that people committing mail fraud or dumping oil into storm drains could be putting to better use.

  11. i wonder who did his nails, give a sista a hook up

  12. I don't care if he's a guy or whatever. He can do whatever the fuck he wants with his body, but seriously dude, 45,000 dollars? My god that's cray...


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