Sunday, March 17, 2013

SNSD + m-flo's Taku Takahashi

If you've been living under a rock, then yes, you wouldn't know that I'm a huge m-flo fan. If you've been living under a rock, then yes, you wouldn't know that I have disliked every SNSD release since I started this blog except for Mr. Taxi. My former favorite Korean girl group and the DJ from my favorite Japanese group teaming up...

Taku made me a fan of 2NE1's Scream and I honestly haven't liked anything 2NE1 has released since I Don't Care.

There's finally something worth listening to from SNSD again.

Sharing this song just because I can. Basically, this song got me into Kpop, because this was the first song where I really became a fan of BoA.


  1. Now THAT is how you mash multiple songs in one, unlike IGAB :3

  2. I know ihave mentioned this a million times(only coz u keep posting eet!) but Love Bug is the best song of all time!... well to me it is... i mean who can resist Rappers Delight?

    1. No lie, when I first heard the Love Bug, I had to listen to it everyday for a year straight. It's that good haha.

  3. That Scream remix is indeed pretty cool and nice to listen to.
    Don't care about that BoA song though, but I also don't know shit about her nor ANY of her songs.

    SNSD remixes might be cool, since I like most of the songs in that mashup.

  4. That remix is...ehhhhh. Mr. Taxi sounds good, but the rest, holy craptastic japanese...Did they learn japanese for that one year and just stopped?

  5. I hope they're better, than the teaser gave them away to be. I don't want to live in a world with double the amount of bad SNSD songs.
    Let it rain is the only one, I think is worth looking forward to. Shout out to Trick and Beautiful Stranger for not getting the remix they deserve but don't need.

    Even the best DJ in the world couldn't remix their bad Japanese, though. Eesh

  6. "There's finally something worth listening to from SNSD again."
    They put out a few worthwhile songs each album, by k-pop standards.

  7. Did you really dislike Paparazzi though? I thought it was generally accepted that it's the best snsd song since genie

  8. OMG that "Scream" remix.. I love it and never paid attention to whoever had made it :o
    I hope this SNSD thing is good.
    Will listen to "The Love Bug" rn :)

  9. These "remixes" sound exactly the same as the original versions, but with some sort of transition into the next song.

  10. But seriously, man, you didn't even like Lonely or It Hurts? Good ones, good ones.


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