Monday, August 25, 2014

AKF Public Announcement

Popu Lady released a dance version of their MV. It is awesome since all the members are hot. 

The real announcement is after the jump.

Starting today, I will have to be like Shinbot and schedule every article that comes out from now on. Unlike Shinbot, I don't plan to only write 12 articles a year. It's the start of the fall semester, and basically the next two years will leave me with very little free time.

I'm taking four accounting classes this semester, and while four classes aren't a lot (I used to take six in a semester), these are classes that will require a lot of work for me. Up until now, I have skated by because I made sure I only took one hard class per semester and made sure the rest were easy. I don't have that luxury any longer as I am trying to finish the undergraduate requirements as soon as possible and will be doing graduate school in one year instead of two years. In addition, I have to study for the GMAT exam and I would like to take that in three months instead of early next year so that I have it out of the way. I'll also be taking a tax preparation course in November and December to volunteer/intern at one of the internships I plan on having next January. In addition, there are two student organizations involving accounting, so I'll probably have to join both of those for networking purposes. A 4.0 GPA doesn't do you shit kids unless you have connections. I learned that the hard way.

Oh yeah, I also have a job, looking for another, and looking to get an internship this fall as well instead of only worrying about getting internships next year.

This is mainly just in case some miserable UCAAD keeps complaining on why we don't write 5+ articles a day like Asian Junkie or Netizen Buzz. Some authors step up and are consistent, but with half of the staff habitually MIA (on average, and it's not the same authors), I still end up writing the majority of the content on here. If you write in the comments "Why haven't you written about ____," "Where's the review for _____," my response is: "Sorry that I have a life and that I'm too busy to write about every subject that comes out during the day. If I have time, I'll pick the one that interests me the most and write about it and schedule it for a future date."


  1. I'll step up to the plate. How hard can it be?

    'Eunjung for BNT:

    Don't have to write shit.'

    Boom! Done. Next article.

    1. What she's doing there is dangerous! If she hurts her face, gawd, one less kpop idol to fap to

  2. It is best if you take it easy this semester. Getting stressed over school is the worst.
    The thing about the 4.0 kinda scares me...

  3. Nice, a version that gives me slightly less of a headache from that shaky ass camera.

    Yay new school year! ._______. I took classes over the summer so it's all just kind of blending together for me...

  4. Recruiting more authors? I can write! My articles won't be funny, entertaining, or legible in any way, but at least they'll be regular... somewhat.


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