Friday, August 29, 2014

Jessica Reveals Her Tips on Being Hot with Cosmopolitan Hong Kong

Jessica gave out tips on how she is hot, and at 1:13, she mentions that she receives facials. Every Jessica fan out there, you owe me. Don't believe me?

I jizz on Jessica's face every time I fuck her in the ass. Do you need proof that I fuck Jessica in the ass?

Using this methodology slightly modified, I will prove it is true.

You're probably thinking "Hey, AKF, that equals 33 and you can't turn that into 9." I'm not trying to turn this into 9. Let me show you what 33 really depicts.

Everyone knows 69 is the sex position in which both parties involved give each other oral stimulation at the same time. Some people like to say 96 is upside-down buttsex. Meanwhile, 33 depicts doggy style intercourse from a top-down view. You could even go further and say that it resembles anal sex from the doggy style position. Let me clarify things for you.

So there, I have proved that I indeed do Jessica up the butt and give her a facial afterwards, thus resulting in her healthy-looking skin. You're welcome, Jessica fans.


  1. It's what's on the inside that counts.

    1. AKF Clearly agrees. And what's inside is his cock.

      --Andrew S.
      (And what's on the outside is important too: Jizz.)

  2. you forgot the other dick for jessica

  3. Let's see if that numerology works for everything:

    My vagina+Onew's dick
    [Some mathematical shit nobody will probably read]
    =The letter O.
    It's settled ONEW OPPAR CUM TO ME!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist....

    1. Be gentle, don't send him back into throat surgery... O_o

  4. this is some Neil deGrasse-Tyson level maths right here

  5. Best kind of facials: hard and moisturizing

  6. Replies
    1. All kpop idols are "plastic". At least insult her with something that doesn't also apply to every idol you like too.

    2. Jessica looks more plastic-y than most Kidols, though.

  7. No seriously the last picture is the best piece of art you've ever produced so far.


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