Saturday, August 23, 2014

most of SNSD DOES THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE and a brand new never before seen challenge!

So our beloved SNSD members Sunny, Yuri, Yoona, and Sooyoung have done the ice bucket challenge and here's a pic of it.

I admire their pledge to fight lou gherig's disease via the internet. Great girls...really. i admire them for their humanitarianism. Bravo! that you've seen these pics. It's time to see a new pic of them doing their newest humanitarianism vid for their fans to see!

Click below to see what i am talking about

Our girls have now completed the SPERM BUCKET CHALLENGE for males with low sperm counts across the globe. 44% of males ages 18-55 have this serious problem.

A very noble charity for them to bring to the forefront indeed. we men need idols to show the world they are serious about low ball jizz. They took it like the good girls they are. bravo!

But honestly they have been a huge factor as to why males have low sperm anyways....what with all the men and teenage boys jacking off to their pics, vids, fancams, etc for nearly a decade.

I know my sperm is low because of them-especially because of Sunny and Sooyoung.

What about you?

Thanks snsd for keeping people aware!


  1. Sulli_fag is back on form, good show

  2. Even with wet white shirt, Sooyoung still has no tits to show.

  3. I just wanna see Taeyeon being soggy.

  4. could you please put a NSFW warning when you do articles like this?

    i don't want to have to explain to people why there's a Hyoyeon on my screen

    1. Hahahha time!

      I apologize!

    2. *wags finger*

      Bitch please she's gorgeous

    3. Yeah what. why does she have jizz on her too? Gross. I'd poop on her, maybe.

  5. good quality fakes i have to admit even tho i hate fakes
    i swear


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