Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 63

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Gawd what a selfish brother. He would not change his wedding date that he (assumably) planned for months in advance so you could see your first kpop concert? What a dick. You should just ditch the wedding and go. Family isn't that important.  I bet if you went to the concert, not only would you have touched Zico and Ukwon, one of them would have totally fallen in love with you the moment he saw you. Your brother ruined your life because he stopped you from having your own future wedding.


At least she reasonably said "I'm just exaggerating" midway. Still a drama queen though. Who actually has the balls to ask someone to change their wedding date for a reason as trivial as that?

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  1. Actually this came via my from an anon, I can't take credit for locating this one.

    1. Shinbot wrote this like three weeks ago, so there's a 0.000000000001% she'll edit this, as she won't be on AKF for another five months.

    2. Oh well doesn't matter, people will see this comment so all good.

    3. Edited within a day! Suck it. I still exist.

  2. I bet she was so satisfied that her mini-fanfiction got +3 upvotes. Made it all worth it, didn't it?


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