Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Radwimps Subtitles One of Its Songs into Korean

Japanese rock band Radwimps subtitled one of its recent songs into Korean, throwing me completely off guard.

This amazes me because it's nearly pointless for Japanese acts to cater to Korean fans because the Korean government still has some bans on Japanese media, though not as severe as the law used to be. Radwimps is one of the most popular J-rock bands in the past decade, so it's not as if they need any money from Korea, if they were even allowed to perform in Korea in the first place.

So this got me to thinking as to why Radwimps would do this? Is the band dissatisfied with the Oricon charts, as the only people who sell are Amuro Namie, the 48 groups, Johnny's, and some rock bands, mainly the ones with members that belong in retirement homes? Or maybe the band is directly appealing to Koreans since Koreans act as if they are talentfags (despite idols being the most popular bands in Korea).

Prior to this, the only Japanese artists that ever catered to Korea were ones that were Koreans themselves. None of the Radwimps members are Korean, so I see this act of one of Japan's best bands catering to Korean fans a sign of the apocalypse.


  1. They desperate for dat Korean idol pussy

    1. UNF UNF
      Perfect plan: Build up a career in Japan over a decade and then get dat sweet Hyuna puss.

  2. They did actually LOL during their this 2014 year Asia tour. Besides this track is x-lated into Chinese also.. so what? o_O

  3. Kameleo usually sub their videos in chinese and korean too. Nobody gives a shit about them anyway ^_^ (probably because they suck)

  4. They did tour in Korea and subbed it in other languages as well


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