Friday, August 1, 2014

[MV Review] Four Ladies - Mine

After dropping a massively exciting teaser, Four Ladies finally make their debut with title track "Mine." Does it live up to the hype? WE SHALL SEE.

At first blush, you would think that the Move MV would be a lovely storyline full of angst, lust, and "LGBT AWARENESS." Well... You would be wrong. It's actually a dance-in-a-box MV with closeups and BAIT-AND-SWITCH BARELY THERE lesbian plot. We were all fooled, people.

>MFW I realized I was lied to

From what I can tell, the majority of the "plot" seems to be about an intrepid young heroine that goes to a bar to get a drink, runs into another hot young woman, and the two hook-up. That's it. Maybe there's some more development, like the heroine wants something more but the other girl just wanted it to be a one-night-stand so now the heroine is dejected and emo/mopey.

Locked eyes... from across the room.
But honestly, who the fuck knows or cares. There's so much LITERAL in-your-face sexuality and random close ups that the editors probably figured most would be too busy fapping to notice a distinct LACK of coherent plot in this. The dance combined with the outfits (which I found meh, rather hit or miss with me) give a very cabaret feel in the sense that your opportunity cost of watching the MV is the payment for a very interesting lap dance at some strip club in Itaewon.

The Pelvic Swirl

The Scissor
The Fap
The Cooch Crusher
Some say it's so graphic, it's no longer sexy. I tend to agree. A lot of these moves are so over-the-top with this shit, it's comical to me. As they say, the more left up to the imagination, the better. I wish they had done less with the dance MV and gone more with the storyline MV, but we have to remember that these are nugus with their debut song trying to make a splash. My mind tells me that they don't necessarily have the budget to release multiple versions of their MV (although how hard to it be to put together something that you probably took a lot of footage of to set up the non-dance cuts). In that regard it succeeded perfectly, but artistically it flopped. My heart tells me that we could have had something more.

This is all of the "lesbian content" we get, exactly what we saw in the original teasers. (Credits to Grey-nim~)

What a waste of a perfectly intriguing concept... I think we were all praying for the full Monty not for some poster children effort at LGBT awareness (come on people), but more than just the token titillation of two attractive girls PRETENDING to go at it. The search continues...

The song at least is surprisingly good. I really enjoyed the song. The intrumentals are nice, the processing is solid, and no one really reaches too hard for the "explosive vocal power" many people think "proves" you're a good singer. My one gripe, albeit a humongous one, is the rap break at the end. I thought we've moved past the awkwardly-thrust-in shitty rap break era of KPop, but this song throws back to it in the worst way. It completely derails the pace of the song and shit on my enjoyment of a decent, dare I say good even, rookie debut. If not for that rap break, and a few small quibbles I suppose, I would have given this a more high score.

As it stands, I'm not too sure I want to add these girls to the special place in my heart for nugus just yet. The teaser was promising, but the end result was... solid at least. For now, I will simply keep my eye on them and see how they develop.

Especially my girl YE SEUL. I hope she lives up to the lofty standards of her namesake
or Han Ye Seul unnie will probably demand her name back.
From what we've seen so far, their company does not give any shits about netizen outrage (wonderful points in my book) and their producers/song-writing team have good heads on their shoulders (if not for that shitty rap break). A few more songs of fine-tuning and we could have a good girl group on our hands. I just don't know if they'll have that chance, considering how nugu their backing company is. Hopefully the CEO is some spoiled rich kid or wealthy tycoon willing to invest in this crap.

Solid song, but full of LIES about the lesbians.


  • Song is surprisingly good
  • girls are attractive
  • surprisingly more explicit lesbian content than we've ever gotten yet
  • the butt grope made me giggle like a teenage schoolboy
  • the fucking rap break
  • wtf dance moves
I give this song a respectable 3.5 out of 5.


  1. I wanted them to including scissoring furiously in the dance routine.
    v.v i are disappoint

  2. Wow, for once I agree with a Zaku review O_O lol.
    I was loving the song until that shitty as FUCK rap break. Seriously, that rap needs to go jump in a lake. It ruined an otherwise perfect song. And if I'm bothered by a rap break, it's bad.

  3. All the fap fuel in the world can't save a song from being a piece of shit. Now excuse me whilst I listen to Happiness for the 50 000th time

  4. The scissoring moves were awkward, and their dancing throughout was very sloppy. I love the chorus of the song, but other than that it's boring. I love it when girl groups are more sexual than they're "allowed" to be, but their dancing is so bad and out of sync that it was funny.


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