Monday, August 25, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong Takes Method Acting Too Far

Earlier this year, Kim Hyun Joong starred in "Age of Feelings," a drama that started out great by became a huge pile of shit a third of the way through its run because of production troubles. Reports came up that he did beat the shit out of his girlfriend, and his agency admitted it, but their story seems a bit sketchy.

As you can see, Kim Hyun Joong is fairly ripped. I'm sure he would have no trouble beating the shit out of a 110 pound girl. I just hope he wasn't singing SS501's Love Ya while beating her.

I'm assuming the events went down something like this.

"Get off of me, you bitch."
"Don't make me Love Ya with my fist."
"Is Kim Hyun Joong going to have to choke a bitch?"
"Don't fuck with me again, you bitch."


  1. Yummy chest, I hope it's not photoshopped, his arms are pretty small in comparison though.

  2. Think he probably works out a bit. I think his arms (triceps in particular) and shoulder need more work, I'm afraid.

  3. I think I just found the mother of all delusional fangirls on NB. This is extremely long, but I have to repost this.
    "I can't understand people who say "how can you love
    them blindly? you can’t know them very well" about SS501's members and say
    "he could have done it! how can you trust him this much? If he did it and
    the scandal is true, what will you do?" about the scandal of Kim Hyun Joong!!! It's not a love
    blindly!! It's loving them with their everything!!! Moreover, there's no
    evidence about Hyun Joong's scandal! It's just a claim!! So, what is your aim in
    saying vile things about our Hyun Joong as if everything was proved!!? Moreover, you know that
    our Hyun Joong is famous with his kindness and honestly!! Even people
    around him say like this!! How can you say hurtful things about it without knowing
    the truth and him!!? Don't you have any heart!?? And, another topic..!! Let's suppose that
    everything is true about the scandal of Hyun Joong! Insomuch that,
    don't forget this scandal!! Think about he went and kill someone!!(Never think
    about it's true!! It's a just fictitious guesswork for understanding the topic
    better) Think about this fictitious guesswork!! Ahoy! For god's sake! What will
    we do!!? Will we leave him immediately!!? Never!! We're TripleS! TripleS is like a mom. Does
    a mom ever leave her child because of her child made bad thing? When the child
    beats or kills someone, does the mom ever say "I don't love you anymore!?
    Because you're a bad boy! If you would be good, I could love you!"? What
    does a mom do?

    1. A mom loves her child with everything of her child! With all
      faults and truths of her child..!! Yeah, a mom can criticize and beat her child
      and say "the neighbor's child is good like that. But you're not!"!! A
      mom can praise the neighbor's child in front of her child. But a mom never lets
      the neighbor tell bad thing about her child!! When her child made a wrong, the
      mom pulls her child’s ear personally. But the mom doesn’t let the other pull
      her own child’s ear! A real mom never leaves her child in any case!! If she
      left her child, do people say that she was a real mom? TripleS is like a mom, too! TripleS has got the
      compassion of a mom! Maybe, a TripleS can be 17-18 years old or 40-50 years old. But a TripleS always carries the
      compassion of a mom in the hearts and feels it! TripleS never love SS501's
      members for their characters, talents, handsomeness, fame etc.!! TripleS loves SS501 because
      of it's SS501!^^ TripleS loves SS501's members for their unique brotherhood!^^ TripleS supports and
      protects all members even if they make mistake or the right thing! TripleS criticizes them and
      say "you did badly" opposite to them personally when they made
      mistake. But TripleS never let the others say bad things about them! When
      they made badly or mistakes, TripleS never leave them! Unlike, TripleS helps them for
      correcting the wrong! As a matter of fact, if someone left them, we can't say
      "TripleS" for her/his!! Because he/she is like a mom who
      left her child..!! Yeah, each member made the wrongs what we know or don't know
      in the past and they'll keep making wrongs. Why? Because they're HUMAN!!! Every
      human makes wrongs! And everybody who has a heart knows it! TripleS can't tolerate the
      treachery to their brotherhood. If one of members betrays their brotherhood,
      then TripleS interferes in this case and reacts the case according
      to details and evidences. (And I have to say; the group's isn't working these
      days. And it's not the betrayal! Even if they don't ever unite, the
      continuation of their brotherhood is enough for us!) Nothing can dissuade us
      from SS501 except the betrayal! We're mom and eternal guardian for them. You
      can't expect us to not defend him! They're a brother and a guardian angel for
      us. You can't think about them to leave us alone!! We're a family! You can't
      examine why a family loves each other this much!! You can't judge our members
      for his wrongs and can't say bad words about them!! Because when you think
      about your past, you'll see that you did many wrongs in your life!! Please
      you... just question your hearts!! You left me questioning them(us=their
      guardians like a mom)!! We can pull our childs' ears!! You, too, look at yourself and your childs!! TripleS is a very strong and
      mature fandom. Don't worry! We can overcome everything!! SS501 and TripleS will always be
      together and forever! Don't ever forget it!! Please act accordingly!!"


    2. I don't know who's more insane, the crazed, hormonal fangirl who wrote that, or me for reading that whole monstrosity, because I'm sure my IQ dropped by about 15.

    3. O_o

      I thought it stopped at the end of the first comment, but no, that thing just kept on going, didn't it?

    4. That's insane. I don't even know how to respond. And what fangirl thinks of their bias as a son?

    5. Why the fuck was that so long? No one has the time.

  4. All the tripleS defending him are pathetic and it's so disgusting to see how WOMEN defend a woman abuser
    Because all the bruises in her body are nothing compared to the wounds in her mind

    1. I'm more surprised by the fact that triple S's even exist anymore considering how the band has been out before the hallyu wave even started. I usually don't judge idols too much because I know how hard their life is. Fangirls however, are fucking stupid pieces of shit which need a nail gun point blanc to the face.

  5. He looks ripped, but he's only like, 145 pounds at 6 feet tall, so he must've been doing some serious shit to that poor girl to get any power out of those noodle arms. But then again, Koreans aren't known for being especially large at all.
    Still, unless she did something horrendously awful like slapped his grandmother, there was no reason for that and domestic violence is sad and sickening and I hope he gets hated more than T-Ara did. SS501 was a poor man's DBSK with a twice as awful name anyway.

  6. Uh, is that really KHJ? Cause if so, that's some pretty fucking dramatic plastic sugery right there

  7. I found this article way funnier than it should be. Say no to domestic violence, kids!


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