Tuesday, December 1, 2015

BoA - Kiss My Lips JP Version

Kiss My Lips is still a great song, but it sounds terrible in Japanese. I am not a fan of groups/artists translating songs because it ruins the lyrical melody of the song. It is always worse going from Korean to Japanese due to how long Japanese words are compared to Korean words, so in songs such as Kiss My Lips and Only One, we get a barrage of extra syllables so that the meaning stays in tact and more English thrown into the song. Who knows, maybe it only bugs someone like me who can understand both languages because I see the usual "this song sounds better in Japanese" crowd posting on YouTube.


  1. I want to say Kara is the only group that had consistently good sounding Japanese versions.

    Somehow Kiss my lips got stuck with me, eventhough it's an unspectacular song, I like to listen to it every now and then in my playlists.

  2. Well I 've seen worse translations from the Korean to Japanese… but still. Also them adding some weird effects and backing vocals at parts- effects that weren't in the original version- is just weird (I don't remember there being extra echoing in the korean version during the chorus??), though. BoA's original Japanese stuff is better,, I loved "Shout it Out".

  3. I don't understand Japanese at all and I think this sounds incredibly weird. But that might just be because I have a weaboo/otaku brother.

    1. Also totally agree with the whole remake thing. For instance I love almost every BTS title track (sans that awful "Boy in Love" song) however I found their first Japanese album atrocious because of how much remakes were on it and how weird they sounded when translated to Japanese. The only songs I liked were the two new original songs that were written specifically for the Japanese album.


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