Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekly Showdown: 2015 Christmas Special

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Christmas is right around the corner and we all know that means it's time for shitty Kpop Christmas releases. Yay. To be honest the only two X-mas releases I listened to so far are EXO's and Girls Generation's and neither are all that good really. Since I don't really have any other ideas for a showdown, I'm just gonna put those two up against each other for Best (or in this case, more tolerable) Christmas Release.

In other words, would you rather be happy or depressed this Winter?

Best Christmas Release?

Girl's Generation - "Dear Santa"
EXO - "Sing for You"
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"Dear Santa" is a little too all over the place for me while "Sing for You" is just way too depressing and ballad-y, so I'm not really a fan of either song. But I'll pick "Sing for You" because the music video was really, and I mean REALLY good. Speaking of which, congratulations to EXO for finally escaping their seemingly endless realm of box-sets, and for their first music video that actually has meaning. No seriously, this deserves a fucking celebration. The part with the alternating shots of Kai dancing and the fighting scene was cleverly done and the whole thing was of high quality in general. I might even go as far as saying it's the best music video this year. Well done, SM. Well done indeed.


  1. Dear Santa is the sluttiest MV of the year. It's so obvious that they're pandering to their more "mature" fans with this "old man in a red coat" fetish they're putting on show.
    It easly trumps all the other sexy concepts and takes the top spot for most fappable MV of the year by a country mile.

    1. In kpop relative terms TaeTiSeo are grannies, therefore mature suggest octogenarian. At that age I'd have trouble remembering how to fap.

    2. In that case, TTS are total GILFS.

  2. TaeTiSeo because some of the outfits are very boner-inducing.

  3. Gonna give it to TTS because the Macy's commercial looking white dresses/blue set

  4. The correct answer is f(x)'s Wish List

  5. I've had the English version of "Dear Santa" on repeat for the past two weeks. I've never cared for Exo's Christmas songs aside from "The Star" on their last Christmas mini album, which was the only good song on it.

  6. How about DawnAiR's covers of Christmas songs? Like,

  7. Are you kidding me? Comparing a total sausage fest to one of the hottest Seohyun ever look? Easy choice.

  8. I'm still yet to find a Christmas kpop sing worse than this

  9. Aside from the shit intro, "Dear Santa" is pretty fun.

    As for that EXO song... I don't like acoustic ballads at all (aside from BoA's "Love and Hate" which I love for some reason) so the song bores me and there was barely any Suho in the music video so this whole release was bleh.


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