Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Shitpost #4

This week's edition is really short because I'll be gone most of the day.

News Story #1: I would pee in Irene's butt

I don't have time to figure out how to get gfycats to work on here again.

News Story #2: This week's Weekly Idol is worth a watch

News Story #3: Journalists are insulting Tzuyu by comparing her to EXID's Junghwa

That's almost as insulting as you guys saying that I look like Jaejoong.

News Story #4: Unfortunately, Lee Hi is working on making new music

I wonder how long it took for the makeup artists and photo editors to make Lee Hi not look like a troll.

I'm sure her music will blow buckets of barf and blue balls' ball-busting jizz.

News Story #5: Kim Hyun Joong, You Are...

Oh shit, you celebrated too soon. You are the father...


  1. Junghwa and Tzuyu look nothing alike. Nearly every idol has "straight eyebrows" and "smooth jawlines"... and big eyes, pale skin, and straight noses. As for Maury, I've always wondered if shows like that exist in other countries (like Korea), or if only the U.S. has enough trashy people to supply nearly two dozen seasons worth of episodes.

    1. Talkshows do exist in Europe, but they usually aren't AS trashy. Usually...

  2. I heard a few months back that Lee Hi's music will be produced by Tablo's label, so I'm excited to see how that will work.

    Also I think Jaejoong is attractive as hell, if you hear that comparison coming from me then it's a compliment.

  3. Both Tzuyu and Junghwa are really cute, but they look nothing alike.

  4. Probably the guy that decided Tzuyu and Junghwa look alike thinks that all Asians look alike...

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