Saturday, December 12, 2015

Weekly Showdown: Nine Muses Special

[You can check out the results of last showdown here]

So Nine Muses recently marked their third comeback of the year with "Sleepless Night" which, in my opinion, is a pretty good song. Despite the fact that it sounds more like one big fat verse rather the usual verse-prechorus-chorus-bridge, the song has this mysterious feel to it and diverts considerably from their usual sound and the sound of kpop in general. Sure, it's a little monotonous, but weirdly catchy at the same time. Or that's my take on it, anyways. I have seen a lot of positive reactions for this song so far but some people weren't too into it. Two things are for sure though. One, it's definitely not another generic pop release (which there have been a LOT of this year) and two, it's just gonna be slept on again because Nine Muses are unlucky like that. Sigh.

So yeah, you guessed it, I'm gonna be putting all three of Nine Muses' comebacks against each other for this showdown.

Best 2015 Nine Muses Release?

"Hurt Locker"
"Sleepless Night"
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While "Hurt Locker" is a great song, it got boring quite fast. "Drama" was boring to begin with (though I find myself randomly jamming to it sometimes but eh, minor details), so I think I'll go for "Sleepless Night". What do you guys think?

(I'm gonna actually try and make this series weekly like it's supposed to be, maybe every Saturday or something. Also, I decided I'd remove the results option so guys are gonna have to wait until the next post to see the results. So yeah, improvement and shit.)


  1. Sleepless Night was song that got me into liking 9 Muses. Earlier ones just didn't do it for me.

  2. Despite the fact that Sungah got only 2 lines in the song and was shown barfing in the MV, I liked Sleepless Night more. It's different from what they usually do plus the lives were good.

  3. Waiting for my iTunes gift card to buy this album.

  4. I can't see the results like I used to be able to with the older polls... was this deliberate?

    1. Yes, she releases the results the following week now.

    2. Or you could have read the last paragraph.

    3. Sorry.... just being a fucking moron as usual...

  5. Hurt Locker >> Drama >>>>>>>>Sleepless Night


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