Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 84

This is a fangirl who goes overboard about Hani's weight loss.

The problem I have with this fangirl is that she places the blame on Hani if anyone attempts to follow her diet plan. Hani lost 9 kg, so for those of us that live in the country that actually matters, that's about 20 pounds. That is a lot of weight for a skinny Asian girl to lose, and it shows with Hani, as she is not as fappable as she once was. I'm sure you guys have "researched" all of the Hani fancams that AKF posted here over the years. Yeah, Hani now is still hot, but she's far from her peak.

The diets idols undergo and unhealthy and people should know that. However, an idol's main job is to look good so that people will fap to them and buy their merchandise. That is why they undergo such drastic measures to make themselves more fappable. If anyone is dumb enough to follow an idol's diet, that is on the individual and not the idol.

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  1. It appears that being slightly underweight is the ideal from a longevity point of view.

  2. All idols are pretty much underweight or borderline underweight. If they aren't, they somehow end up dieting to get to that point.
    The only example I can think of currently who doesn't fit that criteria is Jihyo from twice.

  3. Jaehyo was straight to the point with his fans when they asked how he got ripped. He told them "You just need to not eat a single grain of rice for a whole month, eat 3 pieces of chicken breast, and do weight training 6 times a week. In exchange you will die."
    Honest to a fault.

    Oh yes, Hani, we're talking about her: so, she was honest about her weight loss method, and anyone with google can look up alternatives.

    1. As someone who loves carbs, the aspect of almost completely cutting them in idol diets sounds painful.


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