Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 86

What I learned today is that beauty rankings should not depend on actual beauty, but how good they are at variety! This user got mad over these results.

It doesn't matter if Hani is a variety star queen or if Tzuyu is a nugu -- more people would rather fap to someone underage and risk getting a visit from Chris Hansen than to fap to Hani. Perhaps you should be blaming Hani for losing 20 pounds.

I don't see any problems with Tzuyu aside from her age.

If you have any submissions for STFU, send them to hanyeseul_fag@yahoo.com or to @antikpopfangirl on Twitter.


  1. Tzuyu is really petty but it's kind of fucked to rank her in a chart of hotness, I dunno it seems weird and pedo

  2. Tzuyu is legal in 31 states, plus the District of Columbia.

    1. And many countries all over the world, including the one I live in.

    2. Yeah, 16 is legal in the civilized world.

  3. Hani is fucking ugly.

  4. Hani is a tranny

    i'd rather fap to a 16yo which is totally legal age in my country than fap to a tranny

    and Tzuyu >>> Hani in variety as well
    TWICE don't give a shit about their supposed image

  5. If she's legal where you are then it shouldn't be a problem fapping to her but I still consider they way JYP's promoting her to be very, very creepy.

  6. Technically she's "legal" in a lot of places. She's also very pretty and blessed with a nice body. All the same, it still feels wrong, because I keep looking at her and I have to remind myself "that is a sixteen year old", even though the company kind of treats her, dresses her, makes her seem… older.

    of course, I have the same reaction to most younger idol singers, I'm kind of starting to feel old at nineteen seeing all these younger people enter groups. tfw when I'm older than 8 out of 9 of twice's members :( I still love them to pieces though.


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