Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday Shitfest #28

I can see netizens jacking it/rubbing it to Choa now after this song. "Unnie/noona is so talented, she slaaaaayyyysss, yaaaaasssss!" The song is much better than I expected, and if I have some time over the holiday weeks (I still have to work -- it's so hard to get used to working in the last half of December when you have been used to having that time off since you were in kindergarten), I'll write a review for the song. Then again, I still need to start my best of 2015 list since I don't have the luxury of waiting until the final day of the year, because then my list would be several weeks late.


  1. It has nice bsdm touches but lacks on the gore part, at least by korean standards. Still a better love story than twilight.

  2. Choa is hot, and her voice makes the song listenable for someone who normally doesn't like ballads. I also have a thing for dingy, dilapidated scenery in MVs, but I guess an expensive flashy box room wouldn't fit here anyways.

  3. The song was snoozeworthy, she's better off in AOA than as a soloist. Mark my words.


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