Thursday, April 7, 2016

Best of the Worst: April 7, 2016

This week in shitty kpop news, we discover which boy and girl group members are like siblings, which entertainer's wealth increased 250 percent in a month, and which idol has impressive chugging skills.

Choa took this selca during girls' night
at Areum's house.

Surely, the crime couldn't have warranted
such punishment.


  1. How effective GFriend members are at publicity, almost everything they do works.

  2. I can drink up to three quarters of a litre at one time. I'm told it's actually not healthy at all. Too much strain on the kidneys.

  3. I only drink a liter of water at once if a girl complains that I got jizz in her hair.

    I just pee in her hair to get the jizz out.


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