Monday, April 11, 2016

Soyeon's Instagram Greatest Hits

If you know what this thing is, you're in for a treat.
My dear friend loves posting things on Instagram. In fact, she likes to post on Instagram a lot, far more than she does on Twitter. Now, if you're not her friend or even her fan, you could be forgiven for not keeping completely up to date with everything she posts. Luckily, you're in luck, because I've got all her hottest posts right here.

Here we have a black thing with some blue lines on it. What is it? What does it symbolize? We may never know. We can only speculate. Is it a bar graph of T-ara's popularity in Korea? That might be a decent guess. But the mind of Soyeon is anything if not 2deep5you.

I think this is a picture of Soyeon holding what appears to be a Keurig cup of Starbucks coffee. (Get it a K-cup because she's in K-pop?)

It's another picture of Soyeon holding a drink this time it looks like some sort of Starbucks blended drink.

Yet another picture of Soyeon holding a drink.

And finally we wrap up with this picture of something she pulled out of her shower drain.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the tour of Soyeon's greatest Instagram pictures!


  1. I love Sso but she and some of the other idols truly shitpost.

  2. Inspiring! I want to post like Soyeon too! Except not the starbucks, that makes me vomit.

  3. That blue on black looks like a lunar reflection to me.

  4. still a better shitposter than TOP

  5. Is that a Mercedes she's driving? Damn those yuan must taste so sweet. Also, I see a legless horse on the last picture.

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