Sunday, April 10, 2016

JYP - Fire

A review can't do this song and MV justice. It's something that you just have to watch yourself. JYP delivers one of the most entertaining MVs K-Pop has seen in a while with the help of Conan O'Brien, Glenn Steven Yeun, the Wonder Girls, and Twice.

Also the song is pretty fucking good as well. Of course JYP would save a good song for himself. I've had this song on repeat this morning.


  1. Eh, I was expecting something funnier.

  2. my favorite parts:
    jyp slamming the kpop booze and having crazy dreams
    twice being hot af
    conan's pits sweating profusely from the basic ass dance

  3. I love it! JYP has officially became the best thing out of big three. SM puts out borring and cheesy ballads while YG keeps destroying our ears with horrid "hip hop". All hail J.Y.Park!

  4. The video made me cringe and the song is tacky.

  5. song is meh, video is as everyone said, cringe worthy, didnt even smile for the entire half video I managed to watch

  6. fak this
    plz just add somi dance pick me pick me with 101 uniform
    and this crap is complete

  7. okay I got a few chuckles out of this but that's prolly only because I am sloshed as fuckkkk right now


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