Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why I Believe in Polygamy

Meet Ivy Shao, one of my new waifus. As another one of my waifus starts dating, that just means that I have to find another waifu.

In 2013, Han Ye Seul started dating Teddy. Though it's not 100% confirm, Victoria is dating Chinese actor Yang Yang. Last year, Horikita Maki got married out of the blue. One one waifu leaves, you just have to replace her. If Osama bin Laden can have 20 wives and 50 children (or whatever the exact numbers are, who cares, the UCAAD is dead), well, why the hell can't we all have more than one waifu?

This is also a reminder to the crazy Kpop fans out there that it's okay if oppar and unnir date. Don't believe that their heart belongs to you just because you have a fantasy relationship with your favorite idol. Just because they are idols, it does not mean that you have to idolize them to the point where you think they should only date you. You crazy morons need to accept reality and focus your life on yourself, such as dating real people.

Anyway, I have to go study some more Mandarin. I need to figure out how to ask Yang Yang to send me a sex tape of him and Victoria...for research.


  1. SM denied the Victoria/Yang Yang rumor. Said that they're only work partners because they belong to the same agency in China. They would make a good looking couple though and they seem cute together:

  2. you and me both. generally i identify myself as a polyamorous person.

    we should fight for the rights of having more than one lovers simultaneously!

    now who's with me!!??

    1. not your girlfriend, she ain-t for sure

  3. Eh my waifus changes every time. I get bored easily lol. But some girls have stayed on the list for quite a long period before being replaced.


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