Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How a Random AKF Article Gets Made featuring A Pink's Chorong

I'd pee in her butt.
Sometimes when I read a news article, I get an idea for an AKF article. However, there are times when it really goes off track, and this post will document how some of the most random articles get made here.

Step 1: I'm on Soompi and I'm reading this article about Chorong. Another article about lawsuits and Korean netizens being dickwads. Nothing really new. Then I get down to the part where it mentions Plan A Entertainment 6GB of evidence.

Step 2: Create a punchline. "6 GB of evidence? That's almost as big as my Chorong MS Paint folder." Naturally, I'm too lazy to save any of my MS Paint drawings, so my plan was to go to Google and find a fappable picture of Chorong to edit.

Step 3: Find a hot picture of Chorong (pictured above). Open up MS Paint and get ready to edit..

This is where things go off course.

Step 4: Mistakenly find hilariously bad fanart of Chorong.

Step 5: Give some color to the fanart.


  1. usually i like the fatter, ie hyosung and choa but skinny chorong > fat chorong

  2. You can fap to 410x410 pixels?
    I'm not that desperate... yet!

  3. why oh why would you put your name on your that fanart?

    1. You don't want someone else to claim your masterpiece.

  4. chorongs ass is fucking flat


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