Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Minzy leaves 2NE1

Anti Kpop-Fangirl, the last to bring you the news, because we're not a fucking news site and I have a fucking job.

Minzy did what she should have done at least three years ago. In my terms, 2NE1 hasn't released a good song since "Scream" in 2012, and the group was last consistent in 2011. With Bom busy smuggling drugs, CL busy with her "American debut" without actually debuting, and Dara going into acting, Minzy hasn't really had shit to do.

Which precisely explains the plastic surgery she has received in the past few years. She knew she needed to get out of YG, but realized that every other agency has beauty standards. Minzy has been foreshadowing her leave for years now, and maybe some people who followed 2NE1 closely knew that Minzy was ready to leave. Dara's the only one I find attractive in 2NE1, and she has a derpface going on 98% of the time, so it's hard to look at her most of the time.

RIP good 2NE1 2009-2012.


  1. At this point it really shouldn't surprise anyone that this happened, nor that disbandment is probably eventual, no matter what YG says.

  2. Haven't paid too much attention to 2ne1 since their "I Love You" days, but it sucks that Minzy's leaving. In my opinion, out of the other members, Minzy stood out the most to me. Minzy got me into the group in the first place.

  3. I Love You was their last good single.
    I actually own a physical copy of their 2nd mini album and have no fucking clue how they managed to still sell that shit they got in 2013 and 2014.

  4. Well now BJ's can't act like entitled brats and use the whole ''2ne1 still has their original line-up!'' to shit on the fans of KARA, SNSD, Wonder Girls, EXO ect... They too have had a line-up change so they're equal.

    Also that pick of Minzy just ain't that flatteting.

  5. I really can't see 2ne1 go on unless they add a new member. Vocally, Minzy played a pretty large role. She also filled up a pretty large stage-presence role. The way I see it, I guess some lucky YG Dugeon trainee will have to take one for team, replace Minzy, and be shitted on by all the angry blackjacks.

  6. It will be interesting to see how quick the group disbands after this announcement. I guess it will give YG the opportunity to work on CL's solo debut that will inevitably be terrible.

    1. Knowing YG, Park Bom will be kept in his dungeon until her contract expires. CL will keep media playing about US debut without ever debuting. Dara will get roles in some small budget dramas ocassionally, perhaps.

  7. Shit. I remember when Minzy ass was on fire. RIP eromaknae.

  8. "crush" and "falling in love" were pretty dope too WTH. they can't pull off another 'i am the best' again and it happens to every group. Big deal :P
    Good luck to Minzy doing whatever she wants and good luck to the trio.
    Enough with BOM "smuggling"

  9. 'Smuggling' is whole other definition. Bom was just plain stupid about sending her prescription meds via mail. She's back and we are happy to have them all 3 together.


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