Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #20

Joy puts Sungjae into a (semi) piledriver position as she gets ready to massage his anus in today's Sunday Shitpost.

News Story #1: Sungjae gets a massage from Joy, instantly regrets it

Of course, being a family show and all, that scene was cut from the broadcast.

News Story #2: Sistar doing the same shit over and over

*yawns* Another boring summer comeback from Sistar. It's hard to believe that "Alone," their last song that I actually gave two fucks about, came out four years ago.

News Story #3: Key's tired of sasaengs

Being a sasaeng is a mental illness. While they do deserve to be made fun of time to time, at this point there just has to be something mentally wrong with these type of people.

News Story #4: allkpop sensationalizes headline for view -- a first in history

For those of you who still don't want to read anything on allkpop, this is the video in the article. They titled it "April Yena's opening pitch at Nexen Heroes game is one of the worst in history". Sure, it sucked, but one of the worst in history? At least she threw the ball in the vicinity of home plate. I as expecting some Jessica-level shit here.

Oh well, allkpop won in the end. They got me to read the article. Joke is on them though since I use adblock.

아저씨's story: Hani is extremely pretty.



  1. All sasaengs should be fucking executed.
    Or even better, sent to a Kpopalypse designed detention center.

  2. Berry Good released a song

    man the instrumental of the chorus is pretty all over the place but I love it, the final chorus verse is fucking lovely


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